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June 11, 2019


Here on Maui, we’re blessed with some of the best bakeries in the state (if not the country). You can find treats of all kinds, from cookies and donuts to local fare like mochi and malasadas. Here are our five favorite baked goods on Maui.

1. Chocolate and Peanut Butter Mochi [Maui Specialty Chocolates]
Liquidy chocolate and peanut butter tucked inside buttery smooth mochi makes this our favorite local snack. Yes, they can be messy, but like a s'more, they are definitely worth the hassle. Located in Kahului, just minutes from the airport, we recommend you pick some up on your way to and from the airport.

2. Crispy Manju [Home Maid Bakery]
Home Maid makes manju (think buttery, flaky handheld mini-pies) in a variety of flavors. We're partial to the peach, apple and peanut varieties, but they're all delicious. The pastries are served in packages of five, so they're perfect for the Road to Hana, or wherever your adventures are taking you. They're available in stores across Maui or at the Home Maid bakery in Wailuku.

3. Coco Puff [T. Komoda Store and Bakery]
If you're headed upcountry, Komoda's is a must visit. Make sure you get there early though, as they sell out of pretty much everything by 11 A.M. If we recommend one thing from the shop, it's the Coco Puffs. These chocolate filled cream puffs are so light, you'll be able to devour a few in one sitting.

4. Malasadas [Sugar Beach Bake Shop]
Ah, Malasadas. A malasada is essentially a Portuguese donut without the hole. While they weren't invented in Hawaii, they were certainly perfected here. You can find malasadas all over Maui, but our favorites are from this hard to find spot in North Kihei. A couple of miles north of the main Kihei beach/shopping center, Sugar Beach Back Shop is located in between an ABC store and Ululani shave ice.

5. Croissants [Hoi Hoi Bakery]
There's certainly no shortage of bakeries in Wailuku. A relative new kid on the block, Hoi Hoi has been open for less than a year, but it's quickly becoming the go-to bakery for locals. The croissants are the best on the island... and it's not even close. Crisp and buttery on the inside, we haven't had croissants this good since our last trip to Paris.

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