Research Direct

Research Direct

HOP’s 100% Research Direct is a program that promotes voluntary contributions for genuine research.

  • 100% of all funds collected will support genuine research
  • There will be NO director salaries
  • There will be NO administrative fees
  • A portion of all gift shop proceeds will go to the Research Direct propaganda

Donation Recipients

We are continuing a long-term project to ensure that legitimate scientists receive the funds they need to conduct research to understand Hawaii’s marine environment.

Our 100% Research Direct Program is a voluntary program whereby guests can donate to scientific researchers who are, currently, studying marine life, and publishing peer-reviewed papers. 100% of all money donated to this Research Direct Program goes to the science professionals. It is our guarantee that none will go towards director salaries, or, administrative fees. One hundred percent of all gift shop profits, from each HOP excursion, are, also, donated to Research Direct.

Since Hawaii Ocean Project’s inception, we have directly contributed over $90,000 to scientific marine life investigation, and we continue to cultivate the relationships we have established with these well-respected marine researchers.

We are, currently, supporting the work of Mark and Debbie Ferrari of The Center for Whale Studies, Dr. Joseph Mobley of Marine Mammal Research Consultants, Ltd. and the University of Hawaii, Dr. Meagan Jones of Whale Trust, and Dr. Robin Baird of Cascadia Research Collective.


Research Direct recipients are respected, peer-reviewed, and published.

Dr. Joe Mobley – University of Hawaii at Manoa

Dr. Joe Mobley has been involved in research on marine mammals, primarily humpback whales in Hawaii, since 1980. He has authored and coauthored dozens of articles, book chapters and reports primarily on the subject of humpback whale behavior, and more recently, the effects of underwater sound on cetacean behavior. Among other nature productions, his work has been featured in National Geographic Explorer and BBC’s Science/Technology series. Dr. Mobley has also been the principal scientist on a well respected aerial population survey of Hawaii’s humpback whales. He is a tenured professor with the University of Hawaii.

Dr. Robin W. Baird – Cascadia Research Collective

Dr. Baird’s research primarily focuses on the biology and ecology of odontocetes (toothed whales, including dolphins and porpoises) in Hawaiian waters, assessing population structure, population size, movements, habitat use, and behavior. He also continues long-term studies of both mammal-eating and fish-eating killer whales. Much of Dr. Baird’s research has been collaborative.

Link to Dr. Robin W. Baird’s website: Cascadia Research Collective

Dr. Meagan Jones – Whale Trust

Whale Trust studies the communication, behavior, and social organization of humpback whales. Dr. Meagan Jones is investigating female humpback mating strategies in Maui. This study involves tracking females, with and without calves, to determine how reproductive status and other factors such as body size, age, class, and hormone levels affect movement patterns, behavior, and male-female interactions during the breeding season. Whale Trust also studies humpback whale song by performing playback experiments and comparing songs across the North Pacific.

Link to Dr. Meagan Jones’ website: Whale Trust



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