Our Mission

Our Mission

Mission: Educating visitors, and our island community, about Hawaii’s marine life, ecosystem, and endangered species while delivering a unique and memorable ocean excursion, so that we can continue to support and promote marine research.

Past: Contributions Towards Research and Education

From 1989 to Current

  • LRF – Lahaina Restoration Foundation
  • Dr. Richard Lang – Whale Aid of Hawaii
  • Dr. Adam Finkel and Dr. Christopher Clark – Cornell University (Bioacoustics)
  • Salvatore Cerchio Earth Trust – Moss Landing Marine Labs
  • Dr. Bruce Mate – Oregon State
  • Island Marine Institute Internship Program
  • Educational Whale Watches for Elementary Schools on Maui and Molokai
  • Dr. Dan Salden – Southern Illinois University – Wildlife Research
  • Dr. Joe Mobley  –  University of Hawaii Manoa Whale Study
  • Dr. Robin Baird – Island Marine Institute
  • Dr. Meagan Jones – Whale Trust
  • Mark & Debbie Ferrari Courter Lane Whale Study

Present: Giving Back

  • Dr. Robin Baird – Island Marine Institute
  • Mark and Debbie Ferrari – Courter Lane Whale Study
  • Dr. Meagan Jones – Whale Trust
  • Dr. Joe Mobley – University of Hawaii, Manoa Whale Study

Hawaii Ocean Project, a division of Lahaina Cruise Company, is working to educate visitors, and residents, on Hawaii’s marine life, ecosystem and endangered species, while delivering a visually unique and memorable ocean excursion.  Proudly supporting legitimate research efforts and the general well-being of the Humpback Whale (Na Kohola). We are proud to offer educational whale watches, with trained naturalists on-board, that share their love and knowledge of the marine environment. In a continuing effort to support marine research, we donate 100% of gift shop proceeds to Research Direct. Since 2011, over $90,000 has been raised to support marine research, and with your support, we are fully committed to continuing to do so in the future. Additionally, we are proud to strengthen our roots, within our Maui community, by donating fun and educational excursions to charitable organizations within our community; especially, for our keiki’s schools and fundraisers.

Future: Land and Sea

Hawaii Ocean Project promises to continue to find new ways to make a difference, launch awareness, and organize grassroots efforts in order to steward our natural environment for our current, and future generations on this land (‘aina).  And in the sea, utilize Lahaina Cruise Company, and their vessels and excursions, as a major platform to deliver Hawaii Ocean Project’s mission.



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