Top 10 Romantic Things To Do On Maui

Just being on Maui can be pretty darn romantic. All you need to do is step outside and all five of your senses will light up. Hearing the ocean, smelling the flowers, seeing the palm trees, touching the sand and tasting the ono (delicious) food sets you up for a romantic vacation that you'll never forget. Here is our breakdown of the top 10 most romantic activities on Maui.

10.) Horseback Riding - No matter what part of the island you're staying on, finding a horseback tour that suits your needs will not be difficult. Whether you're looking for a romantic sunset ride, an early morning ride before it becomes too hot or maybe a mid-day ride complete with barbecue lunch, Maui has you covered. In this article, we provide information on our top five horseback tours on Maui.

9.) A Garden Stroll - Maui has no shortage of gorgeous gardens. Whether you're looking for free gardens, like the Maui Tropical Plantation or secret gardens, like the Sacred Garden in Makawao or large, fee-based gardens like Garden of Eden on the Road to Hana, if you love nature and slow walks through the park, Maui will definitely bring smiles to your faces.

8.) Snorkeling - On the face of it, snorkeling may not seem all that romantic. After all, your face is half-covered with a mask and you have a plastic tube coming out of your mouth. But your hands are free, and honestly, holding hands in the water just feels cool! Plus, when you're surrounded by colorful fish, the atmosphere is breathtaking. A bonus is spotting a turtle and pointing it out to your partner. When you exit the water, the smiles you'll share will make the previous 30 minutes spent without kissing worth it! The two best/easiest ways to snorkel are by hopping on a snorkel tour by boat and possibly see dolphins(!) or you can try one of our favorite snorkel locations from the beach.

7.) Couples massage - Sure, you can get couples massages anywhere, but how often can you get a couple's massage while staring at the ocean and hearing the waves lap? So relaxing! But even if you're receiving your massages at a location away from the ocean, you can still indulge in a Hawaiian-specialty massage like lomi lomi (or lomilomi). Lomi lomi massage is best known for using long strokes and large amounts of oil. It also has a spiritual element that often involves a short prayer. If you're not spiritual, in most cases, the prayer is said internally by the masseuse. We polled a couple of massage therapists who are NOT affiliated with any these locations and they recommended the following places for couples massages:
- Wailea-side: Grand Wailea. For overall luxury.
- Lahaina-side: Hyatt Regency. For its ocean-side setting.
- Upcountry: Ho'omana Spa Maui. For the local, natural authenticity of the lomi lomi couple massage.

6.) Outdoor dinner - Ah, dining al fresco. Maui is often one of the few places in the country you can enjoy a romantic meal with an outdoor view of both the ocean and mountains year round. Not all outdoor dining is romantic, or course. But when you make reservations at Maui's finest restaurants, you won't be disappointed in the view or the food. Our choices for top romantic outdoor restaurants in the different regions of Maui are as follows:
- South shore: Gannon's, Ko
- Westside: Merriman's, Gerard's
- Central/Upcountry: Mill House, Kula Lodge

5.) Chasing waterfalls - The beauty of a Maui waterfall can etch into your memory and last a lifetime. Maui has plenty of waterfalls. For the more adventurous couples, hiking to "private" waterfalls can be thrilling and rewarding. Heck, you can probably even skinny dip undisturbed. One of the places you can nearly always find waterfalls devoid of other people is the 13 Crossings hike outside of Wailuku. If hiking isn't your thing, however, you can always see waterfalls that are less than a mile from the road, like the always popular Twin Falls found just past Paia. Finally, along the Road to Hana, the waterfalls are literally on the side of the road. You don't even have to exit your car to snap some beautiful photos.

4.) Sunrise on Haleakala - Reservations are required, but once you get past the paperwork, the 3:00 AM wake-up call, the 90-minute drive, and the battle for both parking and the optimum to place to watch, or boy, are you and your partner in for a treat. The sun slowly rises, then seems to explode into nature's most beautiful colors. Is going to Haleakala a process? Yep. Is it worth it? Absolutely! Learn more about Haleakala here.

3.) Sunsets - You know what's crazy? Every night on Maui there's a sunset. We know. Shocking! While not all places to watch the sunset are created equal, if you're anywhere from Makena on the south shore to Honolua Bay on the west side, you and your loved one are in for a treat. Take a blanket, a bottle of wine and get ready for some seriously romantic snuggle time. The only thing that can disturb you from your private moment is the cheering you may hear when the sun finally slips past the horizon.

2.) Beach Walks - With your toes in the sand, the warm ocean lapping up against your ankles and your fingers intertwined with those of your partner, taking a beach walk checks off all the boxes when it comes to romance. To heighten the romance, try walking at sunrise. If you're visiting from the mainland, you're probably awake before the sunrise anyway. At sunrise, you'll find nearly deserted beaches, as opposed to sunset, which while also beautiful can be quite busy.

1.) Sunset Dinner Cruise - What do you get when you combine a three-course meal, wine and mixed drinks, the sunset, live music, dancing and a 120-foot luxury yacht? A night of romance that will sweep you off your feet. The Hawaii Ocean Project Sunset Dinner Cruise, unlike other dinner cruises on Maui, includes guaranteed upper-deck outdoor seating with full table service provided by a professional wait staff. We receive many comments from visitors that our Sunset Dinner Cruise is the most memorable part of their vacation. We take great pride in this and hope you'll experience a magical night on the Maui Princess.  Save $10 when you book a cruise following this special link.

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