Molokai Ferry Online Booking

July 17, 2015

If you've been keeping up to date with the news on Maui, or our blog, then you're probably pretty familiar with the current challenges surrounding the Molokai Ferry. We're happy to say that the community support has been tremendous in helping shift the ferry to operation on an as-needed basis to avoid bankruptcy. The march to success is ongoing, but for now, we'd like to highlight our Molokai Ferry online booking.

These days, people rely on the internet more than ever as they plan out their daily lives. In fact, a lot of people can't even remember how life worked without it. Whether you're a Maui resident or vacationer who wants to island hop to Molokai, we're hoping our online booking system helps to make your experience as convenient as possible.

One of the reasons for using our online booking system is that it's cheaper than other options. We've also made the booking system simple to use. First, you'll go to our Molokai Ferry Online Booking page, and then you'll choose between the three options shown. We offer round trip, one-way to Maui, and one-way to Molokai options. Each is represented visually for ease of use. Once you make your selection, you can look at the availability we have for the trip of your choice, and then make your reservations.

We hope you'll take a trip on the Molokai Ferry, no matter how you book it. The journey is exhilarating, the views are stunning, and bringing luggage is more convenient than it is on a plane. The ferry has been serving the community since 1987, and it provides a unique opportunity to get between these islands.

If you're interested in the progress of the ferry's efforts to switch to providing trips on an as-needed basis, check back on our blog every Friday. We'll provide updates when there is something to report. Hopefully, the ferry will be allowed to provide its service on a reasonable basis, and continue to make travel between Maui and Molokai easier. Mahalo for reading this week!

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