Another whale watch season has passed and with the end of spring, a new summer arrives. Many summer visitors inquire about whale watch tours, only to find that they are only available during the other half of the year, but our waters are full of fascinating and dynamic creatures that delight and amaze.

Dolphins can be found in Hawaii throughout the year, with an abundance of spinner dolphins, an especially acrobatic species. You may see them on any of our Maui ocean tours while cruising, or traveling between destinations. You might also spot a Hawaiian green sea turtle or two, especially in the near-shore waters where they graze on algae and sea grasses.

Whale Watch Adventure

If you opt for our Maui Sunset Dinner Boat Cruise, the highlights will be a delicious meal accompanied by lively music and dancing while surrounded by spectacular views. What better way to enjoy one of Maui’s famous sunset than aboard the island’s largest and most stable yacht, the Maui Princess? After the flaming sunset fades, a spray of twinkling stars will light the sky, setting the tone for an enchanting night on the silky tropical ocean.

Interested in something a bit more adventurous? Slip into the water at one of our favorite coral reef locations where you can observe a rainbow of fish and all kinds of other fascinating marine animals, like the Hawaiian green sea turtle, sea urchins, octopus, shrimp, and a blanket of vibrant corals. Whether you opt for our Molokini Snorkel Tour or our Lanai Snorkel Tour, you never know what you’ll discover beneath the ocean’s surface.

Romantic Sunset Adventure

Last but not least, when you want to venture further still, we offer several Molokai Tour options. You can either hop on our ferry and make your own way, or you can choose a self-guided tour package with the ferry tickets and car rental included. Your third and best option is our guided tour including ferry passage, and a knowledgeable guide who will welcome you aboard a comfortable, air-conditioned van or bus and take you to all the coolest spots on the island, telling you all about their histories.

In short, there are plenty of fun and exciting adventures to be had on Maui in the summer, and we hope we’ll see you aboard with us soon to enjoy them. If you need our assistance, you’ll find our contact information at the bottom of the page. Mahalo!

Dolphin Snorkel Adventure
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