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October 2, 2017

A good coffee shop is somewhere you want to nest, a place where you can do anything from check your email to chat with friends. For this list, we aren't talking about the best coffee. Instead, we are talking about are the best places to enjoy coffee. Of course, the coffee at these places is actually really good. Hawaii is the only state in the nation that produces coffee for mass consumption. While Kona is famous for its coffee (as it should be), Maui-grown coffee is also excellent. Whether you're talking story with friends, catching up on the latest news using free wi-fi, or enjoying a nice breakfast or lunch, here are the Maui coffee shops we recommend, listed alphabetically.

Crema Maui (Pukalani)
Better known to pep up parties with their unique coffee catering experiences, they now have a brick and mortar utilizing Restaurant Marlow's quiet hours. This is the perfect location to enjoy your macchiato before exploring Upcountry Maui. 7am to 1pm daily. (Crema Maui)

Akamai Coffee Co. (Kihei)
Using 100% Maui grown coffee and roasting their own coffee, Akamai has two locations. The Kihei location is a beautiful, modern space with plenty of room and very clean. While not necessarily charming, it does have the feel of high-end showroom, like an Apple Store for coffee. The "living wall," where flowers seem to grow straight out of the wall, is really neat. (Akamai Coffee Co.)

The Coffee Store (Napili)
Located in a small strip mall, the unassuming Coffee Store in Napili serves up excellent coffee in a nice, down home atmosphere. The staff is super friendly and you never feel rushed. Serving fresh pastries, bagels, acai bowls and both breakfast and lunch sandwiches, if you need more than coffee to get you going, The Coffee Store has you covered. (The Coffee Store)

Grandma's Coffee House (Kula)
Using handpicked beans from the Haleakala mountainside, Grandma's then hulls and roasts them right there at the shop. They've been doing this since 1918, making it, to our knowledge, the oldest coffee house on Maui. They serve a full menu of wonderful breakfast and lunch plates. If you're coming down from Haleakala, there's no better place to stop. (Grandma's Coffee House)

Maui Coffee Attic (Wailuku)
With two levels of comfy chairs and couches and serving a full menu of excellent pastries and food items, entering the Coffee Attic is like entering your grandma's house... if your grandma can whip up tasty meals and make really good coffee. They serve only Maui Oma Coffee Roasting Co. coffees. One neat thing they do is freezing coffee ice cubes to use in their iced coffees. So instead of getting weaker when the ice melts, your drinks will actually get stronger. The Coffee Attic hosts many events and it's really popular amongst students. (Maui Coffee Attic)

Maui Coffee Roasters (Kahului)
Located within minutes of the airport, Maui Coffee Roasters is a great place to pick up last minute gifts of freshly roasted Kona coffee for family and friends. It's also a great place to chill with coffee and pastries or sandwiches before tackling the Road to Hana. With a comfortable, eclectic setting, Maui Coffee Roasters is the best place to stop for coffee in the "city." (Maui Coffee Roasters)

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