Ways You Can Save the Ocean

December 22, 2017

Along with the unique lifestyle and the majestic landscapes, what typically brings people to the Hawaii island chain is the sparkling Pacific Ocean that surrounds it. We are sure that you have dreamed about lounging on a white-sand beach with clear waves gently crashing the shoreline. Keeping this picturesque scene a reality for you is something that we at Hawaii Ocean Project deeply care about. In order to do so, we need your help! Keeping the ocean healthy is something that we have mentioned before, but we wanted to expand on a few more lifestyle changes that can keep the ocean we know and love from becoming just a memory.

  1. Pull the Plug
    Climate change has been linked to the rise in sea levels as well as ocean acidification and our everyday energy use has a trickle effect. A majority of household electronics continue to draw power even after they are switched off. So your stereos, computers, and televisions are still using energy and ultimately affecting the big ocean blue. While you are preparing to explore the Valley Isle, be sure to pull the plug on any electronics to help eliminate the extra energy use while you are away.
  2. Bring Your Own
    As we all know, the trash that we “dispose of” does not disappear. Plastic bags, snack wrappers, and even those fun straws you find in tropical drinks make their way into local waterways and pose a major hazard for sea life. When plastic is found swaying in the waves, it can be mistaken for food by marine animals like the honu or Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle and can lead to their unfortunate passing. So whether you are enjoying a mai tai in the Hawaiian sun or shopping for groceries at your local store, pick up a reusable bag. Maui’s favorite finned friends will thank you.
  3. Clean Up
    Even if you aren’t kicking back in Hawaii, anything that goes down the drain can eventually end up the ocean. Utilizing non-toxic ingredients like vinegar, baking soda, or lemon juice to keep your house clean can also keep the ocean as well as other waterways healthy!

And if you are looking to keep those white-sandy beaches as pristine as the postcards, you can always get involved during your time here on Maui. There are a number of organized beach clean ups that welcome volunteers, resident or visitor, and you might just make some new friends! Or simply malama (take care) while you are basking on the beach and pick up any trash that you come across during your outing.

To grab a glimpse of the incredible beauty that lies underneath the surface, be sure to book online and hop on one of our tours!

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