Special Discount Deal on Maui Whale Watching Tour

February 19, 2016

Looking for a great deal on a whale watch tour in Lahaina? February is a peak month for whale watching in Hawaii, while their numbers are thickest here along our coastlines. Whale season ends in May, but hopefully you won't have to wait that long to see these magnificent marine mammals in their natural habitat. In fact, if you're currently here on vacation, we have an exciting limited-time deal to offer you.

We are excited to let you know that we are currently offering an amazing discount of 2-for-the price-of-1 on the adult tickets for our whale watch tours for the 2:15 pm time slot. We also guarantee humpback whale sightings on this tour, or you get your money back. Although, since February is the peek month, that's least likely to happen.

If you're interested in taking advantage of our special deal, go to our Maui whale watching tour page. During the boat tour, you'll get free use of binoculars, an expert whale narration from our knowledgeable crew, and the opportunity to listen to whale songs and calls through the hydrophone depending on water quality and whale proximity.

Join us on a whale watch tour and you'll spend two exciting hours observing these gentle giants aboard one of our spacious boats, which are designed for ultimate stability. That way, you'll have the smoothest possible ride. For those of you who aren't all that familiar with the humpback whale, this species is the most acrobatic of the baleen whales, with an impressive aerial repertoire. Hawaii's population feeds near Alaska in the summer and returns to our warm waters every winter and spring to mate and give birth to their young. Adult males measure an impressive 40-48 feet while females range from 45-50 feet. Newborn calves are a petite 10-15 feet long at birth.

We hope you will entrust us with this incredible experience, which might just be your favorite Maui vacation activity if you're only visiting our island paradise. For you local residents out there, when was the last time you hopped on a boat to watch the whales? Now is the best time to do it, especially if you want to take advantage of our special deal! Mahalo!

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