Snow on Maui? Snow on Maui!

January 31, 2019

We've had some crazy weather here on Maui in 2019. Granted, our 75 degrees with rain and wind is, well, paradise compared to what the folks in the midwest and northeast are going through right now, but this much wind and rain is unusual. What's more unusual? Snow. Snow!

Yep, it snowed here on Maui last night and freezing temperatures caused black ice conditions. OK, the snow and ice didn't take place near the beach. Rather, the wintery conditions happened up on Haleakala.

In a Facebook post dated Jan. 29 at 6:12 p.m., Haleakala National Park officials wrote, “Winter has officially arrived atop Haleakalā! Be extra careful as you’re driving up to visit the summit as we’ve been having ongoing wintry weather and icy conditions.”

So, yes, while the Polar Vortex didn't reach Maui, we still got a little bit of winter.

Be safe out there!

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