Pre-Booking Your Maui Whale Watch

September 11, 2015

That exciting season is just around the corner, when our ocean will be filled with humpback whales. The tranquil waters off Maui attract these gentle giants in their thickest numbers, and it's no mystery why. The adults that you see returning here year after year were in fact born here in Hawaii, and return to breed and give birth to new calves of their own. Only when they've spent the cold months in our warm waters do they return to the poles to feed.

Whale watching might actually be the most celebrated of the Maui activities, among residents and vacationers alike. Part of the thrill is the sheer size of these animals, with lengths of around 45 feet being common among them. To top it off, they are the most acrobatic of all the baleen whales, displaying a variety of maneuvers above the surface of the water in ways that have held onlookers spellbound for countless generations.

Considering the popularity of whale watch outings, we'd like to encourage you to take advantage of our Whale Watch Tour Pre-Booking option. Our excursions tend to fill up fast when whale season begins, and often before then. That's because our outings provide special benefits to our guests, including guaranteed whale sightings, or we'll give you your money back.

Our boats are the largest on the island, which makes them the most stable, not to mention that they were specially designed to provide even more stability than their size alone would provide. This makes us a great option for those who want happy stomachs on the trip. Smaller craft such as rafts are zippy, but much more liable to cause sea sickness.

Another benefit to our tours is the impressive height and length of our decks. The height provides a broader range of vantage points from which you can observe these magnificent creatures. The length gives more room for our guests to spread out along the railings to watch. Both help ensure that you'll get a spectacular viewing experience and amazing photo opportunities.

We use our hydrophone to listen to the whales as they call and sing, depending on proximity and water conditions. That's a popular feature for our guests, and it's educational for the kids. While you're onboard, you can use our binoculars for free so you can track the whales while they're still at a distance. We also have an onboard gift shop so you can get yourself and your loved ones souvenirs to take home. The funds from those purchases go directly to the groundbreaking research of a select few marine scientists.

If you book online with us, tickets are $33.66 per adult and $20.17 per child. The Early Bird excursion is $19.21 per adult and $17.07 per child. Children ages 6 and under are free, while one child between ages 7-12 can get in free per paying adult. We guarantee whale sightings on our outings, or we'll refund your trip. If you have any additional questions, you'll find our contact information at the bottom of the page. We look forward to seeing you during whale season! Mahalo!

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