Online Booking and Availability Calendar for Maui Ocean Cruises

December 9, 2016

Some of our Maui ocean cruise guests are on the fence as to whether they want to book by phone or online. Some of us like talking to a person when we schedule an excursion, while others prefer the efficiency and ease of online booking. If you fall into the former category, we'd like to share some of the conveniences of our online booking system with you, so you can enjoy an easy and reliable process that will let you focus on the other elements of your Maui vacation that need your attention.

Whether you plan to hop on one of our Maui Whale Watch Tours, a snorkel outing, or a Maui Sunset Dinner Cruise, we provide you with the option to reserve your space from our website. Conveniently, each tour page features an availability calendar. Simply click on the "Check Availability" button and enter the number of adults and children you intend to book for. Just below, you'll see a calendar icon. Click that to see which days are open and which are too full for the number of tickets you will need.

The odds of finding space on one of our excursions depends on how early you are booking, along with how large your group is. One of the nice things about the availability calendar is that you can look at dates a year out into the future. This gives you the option to plan your trip way in advance. That way, you're free to focus on other things and you have something fun to look forward to.

Another benefit to booking online is that we are currently offering 10% off all our activities if you do. This could always change in the future, so check to make sure the deal is still current when you read this. For now, it covers everything from our whale watch tours to our dinner cruises. You may also want to keep an eye out for any deals we might be offering in the future. For that, we recommend signing up for the Hawaii Ocean Project Maui Newsletter. If you need to reach us for any questions you might have, you'll find our number at the top of the page. Mahalo!

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