Last Month for Maui Whale Watch Tours

May 8, 2015

Hawaii's whale season lasts from December through the winter and spring up until the end of May. Very few whales remain after this month, as they are busy migrating back to the poles to feed throughout the summer and fall. Humpbacks travel about 16,000 miles per year, but being up to 52 feet in length certainly helps them get around at a good pace. The warm, calm waters of Hawaii are worth the trip. Humpbacks come to mate and give birth to their calves. Every year, we're fortunate enough to see many of these curious little giants before they set off on their big journey. If you'd like to see off the remaining whales in their last month spent in Hawaii, then you're sure to enjoy our Maui whale watching tours.

While it's true that the remaining whales grow fewer this time of year, we guarantee sightings, or you'll get your money back. That's because we're confident in the expertise of our crew in giving you the best possible experience. Our tours are a full two hours in duration, which is plenty of time to find whales as we cruise along through the sparkling blue waters of the Pacific.

This educational adventure is ideal whether you're visiting with your kids, or you're on a romantic getaway. If you enjoy sightseeing and snapping pictures, so much the better! You'll depart from the scenic Lahaina Harbor, which is situated near the shops and restaurants of Front Street, but if you're looking for souvenirs from your tour, we have an on-board gift shop.

Once on board, you can settle into our enclosed main cabin and meander up to the observation deck for unobstructed views. Our knowledgeable Captain and crew will share their knowledge on the whales and other marine life in the area. We even have a hydrophone so you can listen to any whales that might be singing close enough to hear. We will provide you with binoculars if you want to see at a distance.

Follow the link if you'd like to book our whale watching tour. We have two time slots, including the 7:30am (Early Bird) and 9:45am, and you'll find more details by following the link. Just be sure to arrive to check in a half hour prior to your chosen tour. If you need more assistance, you'll find our contact information at the bottom of the page. Mahalo, and we hope to see you soon!

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