Hawaii Research Direct Recipient Spotlight: Dr. Joe Mobley

March 18, 2016

This week, we'd like to highlight one of our research recipients, Dr. Joe Mobley of the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Before we dive into his work, we'll give you a little background information on our 100% Research Direct Program, which provides the option for guests from our Maui ocean tours to donate to scientific researchers. This select group of devoted individuals currently studies marine life and publishes peer-reviewed papers about their discoveries.

Every penny of the money donated through this program goes to these carefully chosen scientists, and so does every penny of our gift shop profits. Yes, that means if you buy a t-shirt or a tumbler on one of your Maui ocean tours with us, you'll be supporting marine research. We're very proud to facilitate this funding through our business. With our steady stream of guests who share an interest in Hawaii's marine life, we're uniquely positioned to spread the word about these remarkable researchers to folks who might not have otherwise known about the wonderful work that they do.

Speaking of wonderful work, let's get back to the efforts of Dr. Joe Mobley. With a deep involvement in marine mammal research, Dr. Mobley chose to focus on humpback whales, and has been studying them since 1980. Given his many years of devotion and experience, he has quite the list of accomplishments and contributions. For example, he has authored and co-authored dozens of articles, book chapters and reports, which predominantly focus on humpback whale behavior. In recent years, he has developed a more specific focus on the effects that underwater sound has on cetacean behavior, which is a growing concern among the environmentally responsible.

Dr. Mobley has been a principal scientist for a reliable aerial population survey of humpback whales in Hawaii, and has been featured in such prestigious educational sources as National Geographic Explorer and BBC's Science/Technology series. Last but not least, he is a tenured professor of the University of Hawaii, which allows him to pass on his observations, skills and techniques to new generations of young marine scientists who will in turn have their chance to enrich the world through their efforts.

When you join us on an exciting Maui ocean cruise, ask us about our 100% Research Direct Program, and we can tell you more about it. We hope you'll join us and make a contribution to their work, or purchase a souvenir for that same purpose. Mahalo!

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