Baby Turtles on Maui

December 14, 2013

By Captain Dave

Many of us are familiar with sea turtles thanks to the classic Pixar film "Finding Nemo," featuring Crush and his clan of fun loving sea turtles enjoying the great currents of the Pacific. What many do not know however is how these fantastic creatures begin their life: hatching from a nest of eggs in a sand pit near the ocean. Once hatched, the turtles begin what many consider to be the  most dangerous times of their lives; the journey from sandy nest to the freedom of the ocean. Thought typically a short journey, this retreat to the Pacific can be fraught with danger as crabs, seabirds, and other animals lie in wait to scoop up the defenseless hatchlings before they make it to the sea. For those that do make it to the ocean, a new life begins to form for the turtle which could last many, many years. Here we see one very lucky turtle as her or she makes a successful journey from sandy hill to the warm waters off Maui's coastline. Enjoy!

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