Some would say that Maui is made for Instagram. With world-class sunsets and ocean views, you can never go wrong with sunset shots from the shore. But if you want to spice up your Instagram with some killer shots that will leave your friends and followers in awe, check out these 10 locations. Make sure you tag #hawaiioceanproject in your photos so we point more eyeballs in your direction!

  1. Haleakala at Sunrise
The Haleakala sunrise is unforgettable. But don’t forget to contact the Haleakala National Park to make a reservation or you’ll be driving for over an hour just to be turned away at the gate!

2. The Bamboo Forest on the Pipiwai Trail

The Bamboo Forest is located in Haleakala National Park. So if you’re already up there for the sunrise, we highly recommend the 4-mile round-trip hike. At the end of the hike, there’s a 400-foot waterfall, which is an outstanding photo in itself. But the Bamboo Forest itself is less than a mile into the hike.

3. Olivine Pools

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The Olivine Pools are flat-out beautiful… on a calm day. The Pools are also one of the deadliest locations on Maui when there’s a decent sized surf. So please be careful. For more information, we put together this handy little guide.

4. Maui Princess Sunset Dinner Cruise

A sunset cruise with a three-course meal on the beautiful, calm Pacific. What could be better? Learn more

5. Heart-Shaped Rock

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The heart-shaped rock can be difficult to find, but if you can make your way to the Nakalele Blowhole, which is on most tourist maps, you should be able to locate it.

6. Twin Falls

Located just outside Paia Town, Twin Falls is generally the first stop on the Road to Hana. The Falls themselves are located less than a mile from the road. Take a swimsuit because the waters are clean and refreshing!

7. Iao Valley

Iao Valley is a short (less than 10 minutes) drive from Wailuku Town. But once you enter the park, civilization will feel hundreds of miles away.

8. Honolua Bay

You may look at this picture and wonder where the bay is. Well, to get to Honolua Bay proper, you need to walk about a half-mile from the road along a tree-lined trail. And what trees they are!

9. Seven Sacred Pools

Located next to the Pipiwai Trail and the Bamboo Forest listed above, the Seven Sacred Pools are a pretty incredible sight in their own right. It was closed for much of the past two years, but it’s open now, so don’t miss it!

10. Sunflower Fields

We listed this last because finding the sunflowers can be hit or miss. Sunflowers can grow anytime of year in Hawaii, so it really just matters on when they’re planted. Once you arrive on Maui, you can find out where they’re blooming with a simple Google search. Good luck!

Bonus Listing: Haleakala at Night

The Haleakala Sunrise topped our list, but if you miss the sunrise or forget to make an appointment, don’t fret! In some ways, Haleakala at night is even better. You will find few places in the world with better views of the stars. Plus, the crowds are WAY more manageable.

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