Shrimp trucks are a mainstay in Hawaii. The most famous is Giovanni’s on Oahu’s north shore. But here on Maui, we have some good shrimp truck options, as well. Here is a list of our five favorites.

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Geste Shrimp (Kahului)
One of the oldest food trucks on Maui is also one of the best. Located near the Kahului Harbor, Geste Shrimp pretty much does one thing, shrimp, and does it well. They serve their shrimp four ways: Hot and Spicy, Spicy Pineapple, Lemon Pepper and Hawaiian Scampi. The Hawaiian Scampi is the classic garlic shrimp plate Hawaii is famous for. We’ve had all four and seriously can recommend them all. If you’re not into carbs, you can get the “Pupu Platter” which is the same price as the regular plate, but comes with two extra shrimp and without rice or mac salad. Note: Geste Shrimp is closed on Sunday and Monday. (Geste Shrimp)

The Original Hawaiian Shrimp Truck (Kahului)
Another truck that pretty much only does shrimp, The Original Hawaiian Shrimp Truck can be found in the food truck round-up near Costco in Kahului. While the garlic shrimp is excellent, if you want try something a little different, we recommend the “Papa Baire” scampi. What makes it unusual for Maui is the shrimp is lightly breaded and fried and served over pasta, rather than rice (pictured above). The truck is closed on Sundays. (The Original Hawaiian Shrimp Truck)

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Kinaole Grill (Kihei)
Located near Kamaole Beach 1 and the ABC Store, Kinaole Grill serves garlic shrimp, hot and spicy shrimp and fried coconut shrimp. Its location is perfect for ordering a plate and taking to the beach. Kam 1 has plenty of picnic tables and spectacular views of both the ocean and the mountains. Beyond the shrimp, they also served pulled pork and a variety of fish plates. But we stick with the shrimp plates as they never fail to deliver. (Kinaole Grill)

808 Plates MAUI (Kahului)
While not a shrimp truck per se, 808 Plates MAUI does serve two different types of shrimp: garlic and coconut. The coconut shrimp is the island classic, served tail on. Very good. They also offer Hawaiian plate lunch favorites like hamburger steak (smothered in gravy) and breaded teriyaki. The truck has a permanent location in the Lowe’s parking lot across the street from Target. (808 Plates MAUI)

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Horhitos Taqueria (Kihei)
A permanent fixture on South Kihei Road next to the Union 76 gas station, Horhitos is a food truck, but it’s not moving any time soon. The truck is separated from the main road with a small courtyard that has tables and chairs, though they aren’t always the cleanest. However, it’s located across the street from Kalama Park, so you can carry your food to a picnic table near the ocean. Horhitos is famous for its shrimp tacos. They are cheap ($3 a piece) and hit the spot. (Horhitos Taqueria)

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