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As one would expect, winter in Hawaii isn’t all that different from summer. Year-round subtropical weather is what makes the Hawaiian Islands a warm winter paradise. You wouldn’t normally associate winter and tropical in the same sense, but that’s exactly what to expect; and is perhaps why Maui is a haven for those seeking to escape the freezing temperatures elsewhere in the world. There’s no reason to spend your winter vacation huddled up in a hotel. From snorkel tours to whale watching charters and dinner cruises, winter is all the more reason to book any of our ocean excursions at Hawaii Ocean Project.

Winter months are wetter in Hawaii, but that’s hardly a deterrent to visit. Temperatures peak at 80 degrees, with lows in the high 60s. Maui does have its fair share of rainy days, but storms pass by rather quickly. Trade winds blow northeasterly, meaning the Northeastern side of Maui bears the brunt of these passing storms, while South and West Maui enjoy the sun. One of the more mystifying things about Maui; it can rain on one side of the island and not have a single drop on the other. Kihei and Lahaina are much more sheltered thanks to Haleakala and the West Maui Mountains, respectively, which is perfect because all of our destination charters take place along the southern stretch of the island.

Winter also happens to be whale watching season. Fresh off their summer feeding frenzy in Alaska, humpback whales make their annual trek to Hawaii for their winter migration. You’re not the only one trying to escape the cold weather! Hawaii Ocean Project takes full advantage of this opportunity with our Whale Watching Tours. These charters cruise right along the Au’au channel: warm and shallow waters that humpback whales specifically seek out to raise their calves, so you’ll see tons of breaches and fins at play. Vessels come complete with a 360-degree view of the ocean so you never miss a thing. Peak season alone is from January to March. With as many as 10,000 humpbacks frequenting the surrounding waters of Maui, we’ll provide you with plenty of reasons to be excited for the winter.

If you’re feeling even more adventurous, we also offer our Lanai Snorkel Tour. Lanai’s coasts are virtually uncrowded for a more private snorkeling experience. Climb aboard our double-decker catamaran and enjoy the show of dolphins who tend to tag along on these excursions. We’ll do you one better – snorkel charters in the winter tend to double as whale watching tours due to the sheer volume of humpback whales. It’s like Christmas morning out on the open waters of the Pacific.

Our charters aren’t without festivities of our own. A Sunset Dinner Cruise can either kick-off those holiday festivities, or serve as a capper to your winter vacation. Our luxury vessel accommodates well over 100 passengers, but the cruise itself is as intimate as, well, a sunset cruise should be. Most charters have docked for the day, meaning the ocean and the pristine view of the horizon is yours for the taking. And that’s only the beginning of the cruise. We have a three-course meal waiting for you, rounds of drinks for those 21 and over, as well as live entertainment to serenade you while you dance beneath the stars.

Whether fall has just begun, or winter is in full swing, at Hawaii Ocean Project we are happy to accommodate your winter stay on Maui. You’ll find that winter is just as good a time for a vacation, if not better. We also offer a dinner combo with any snorkel or whale watching charter for double the fun and adventure. With so many activities to choose from, you might even forget it’s winter. That’s part of the experience.

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