Why You Should Take a Maui Ocean Cruise

October 23, 2015

One of the toughest challenges if you're visiting Maui is deciding what activities to book. Really, Maui has a reputation for having so much to do, you can end up exhausting yourself trying to see and do it all. You should definitely take a few trips to the island if that's your goal, or one really long trip. But be careful, you might opt to stay forever! Most Maui vacationers go through a careful process of selecting activities based on who is in their group and what kind of things each person has always wanted to try, along with places each person has always wanted to see. The real challenge arises when inevitably, not everyone agrees. What if some of you want to go on a Maui ocean excursion, but some don't?

To answer the question, you have to think about the reasons why someone might be reluctant to engage in an activity on a boat. Once you know the answer, you can address those concerns. Here are some examples of common concerns.

I can't swim. Fortunately, on some of our excursions, you never dip a toe in the water. It's not all snorkeling. We provide ferry services to and from Molokai, as well as dinner cruises off Maui's beautiful west coast. We also carry life vests in case of any emergency.

I get seasick. You don't want to put a damper on your vacation by getting queasy aboard an ocean tour, but there are a couple things to be aware of. Dramamine is really effective at preventing seasickness. If you'd rather avoid pills, just know that our craft are among the largest tour boats operating on Maui, and were built with cutting edge designs to maximize stability. Our fleet consists of fast, smooth and comfortable boats.

I've been on ocean cruises elsewhere. Maui no ka oi. That means Maui is the best. If you haven't had dinner on the unobstructed top deck of the 120-foot-long Maui Princess under a flaming sunset in the sparkling blue Pacific, then you shouldn't skip this opportunity. We have wonderful entertainment, delicious food, and in the winter months, you'll probably see some humpback whales playing not far away.

Aren't ocean tours expensive? They may be less expensive than you think. For example, our Molokini Snorkel Tour is affordable, with cheaper rates if you book online than if you book in person. Be sure to check current rates because they are subject to change over time. On this exciting outing, we'll take you all the way from Lahaina Harbor to the charming crescent island of Molokini, off Maui's South Shore. In fact, we are currently the only tour company taking guests to Molokini from the Lahaina Harbor. Once you've arrived, we'll provide you with your gear and any instruction you might need. We also provide your food. Check our website to see what's on the menu.

No matter how you choose to spend your vacation, we hope you have the time of your life. If you do choose to take a tour with us, we look forward to seeing you on Maui's stunning coastal waters. Mahalo!

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