Why Morning Maui Ocean Activities Are the Best

December 16, 2016

If you want to make the most of your ocean activities here on Maui, it helps to learn some of the island's nuances. If you've ever lived in a coastal area, then you probably realize how important it is to know what to expect from the ocean in the areas you might visit. A lot can change, depending on tides, the weather, the temperatures, and more. Here on Maui, most of the ocean conditions change based on the time of day. This is especially important if you plan to actually get in the water, unlike cruises, which can be amazing at all hours.

Once in a while here on Maui, you'll get a calm ocean from dawn until dusk, when the water just laps at the shoreline lazily. Those days make for amazing swimming, cruising and snorkeling adventures, not just because the water is calm, but because it tends to be clearer when there's less wave action. On most days, however, the weather conditions tend to kick up in the afternoon, and sometimes even in the late morning.

If there are any storms around the island, it's safest to expect that the wind and waves will get stronger earlier, and sometimes even abruptly. That being the case, the first thing to do is check the weather report for clear skies and low winds. The second thing to do is plan early morning ocean activities.

Why aim for early mornings for your ocean excursions? Not only does the weather tend to be calmer and the visibility clearer, but many marine animals are up and about bright and early. Almost all of us are familiar with the term "nocturnal," which means active at night, but its daytime counterpart "diurnal" is not said as often. Even less so is the term "crepuscular," which refers to animals most active at both dawn and dusk. In the early mornings, you get to see a burst of activity among marine animals, including both the diurnal and crepuscular species.

All these factors are reasons behind our morning Maui snorkeling excursions. Luckily for those interested in a Maui whale watch tour, humpbacks tend to be equally active throughout the day, but our early-bird special is nice anyway because you still get calmer conditions, and we're currently providing a discount because the tours are less full. That could change at any time, so you may want to take advantage while you can! We hope to see you onboard soon! Mahalo!

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