Why Humpback Whales Come to Maui

January 3, 2014

By Captain Dave

As we all know, Maui is a premier destination for not just humans from across the globe, but for our friends the Humpback Whales as well. What many do not know however is exactly why these magnificent creatures choose to make the trip to Maui in the first place. Wonder no more, as we have three distinct reasons as to why our marine friends choose Maui for their migratory needs each winter:

  1. Warm Waters!
    Just as we like to take a dip in the refreshing warm waters off Maui's coastline, so too do humpback whales. Migrating to the waters off Maui, which average about 75 degrees in the wintertime, allows humpback whales to keep their newborn calves safe and warm throughout these winter months as they grow in mass, and add layers of protective blubber, while enjoying the Maui waters.
  2. Increased Safety
    While humpback whales have very few natural predators to worry about, there is one species of marine life that can be particularly troublesome for these gigantic mammals: Orcas (aka Killer Whales.) Unlike humpback whales however, orcas tend to prefer the colder waters of Alaska over the tropical warmth of the Pacific: giving humpbacks an added layer of security when visiting our island waters.
  3. Comfort
    The unique placement of the islands of Maui County (comprised of Maui, Molokai, Lanai, and Kahoolawe,) creates a comfort zone of shallow waters which humpback whales much prefer over areas with deeper depths.

Want to learn more about humpback whales and other aspects of Maui's marine life? Then book your Maui whale watch excursion with the Hawaii Ocean Project today.

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