One of the great things about running our Maui ocean tours out of the vibrant historic town of Lahaina is that there are plenty of things for guests to do before or after coming out on one of our excursions. Aside from the enjoyable shopping, dining and entertainment options available here all year round, there are also a lot of interesting events, some big, some small.

This week, we’d like to direct you to the upcoming Benefit Night for the Birds at the Maui Brewing Company. Swing by on Friday, May 22nd for a fantastic meal and refreshing beverages. Half the profits from house beer sales from 6-10pm will go to the Maui Forest Bird Recovery Project (MFBRP).

Whale Watch Adventure

While our Maui ocean tours support scientists whose research is focused on marine ecosystems, MFBRP is devoted to saving our endangered birds in their last remaining habitat on Haleakala’s slopes. Ancient Hawaiian land divisions, known as ahupua’a, ran in segments that stretched from the mountain to the sea, so it’s fitting that Maui’s modern stewards would work for the preservation and restoration of both kinds of ecosystems.

As for the Maui Brewing Company, they provide tasty pub fare with a splash of Hawaiian flavor that make for some unique local favorites. Not to mention, their craft beer is widely considered the best in Hawaii. They regularly hold fundraisers like this to give back to the local economy and Maui’s precious natural environment.

Romantic Sunset Adventure

If you’ll be visiting during the fall rather than the summer,  they’ll have another fundraiser on November 27th. If you’re not into the pub scene but you’d like to support MFBRP, you’ll find their website at the link above, where you can learn more about them and donate to their efforts.

As for the scientists that our efforts support, we’ll tell you all about them in our next blog! Be sure to check in each Friday for our latest topic. Mahalo!

Dolphin Snorkel Adventure

Photo generously provided by the Maui Forest Bird Recovery Project

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