Watching Whales Watching You

March 21, 2014

By Captain Dave

Have you ever been up close and personal with a Humpback whale? For most, the answer is "No." While these majestic creatures spend some time in Maui's clear blue waters each season, coming in contact with a Humpback is strictly prohibited by law to help protect the whales being disturbed and intruded upon by human actions. While this means you must keep your distance whether onboard a kayak or a Maui whale watch vessel, the same rule does not apply to our sea bound friends if they decide to take an interest in us!

One such occurrence took place recently aboard our ship, the Kaulana, as we took a fun group of passengers out on the high seas for a leisurely Maui whale watch off the coast of Lahaina. During our trip, an intrigued humpback decided to take a closer look at our friendly shipmates, passing underneath our boat, just beneath the surface of the water! Lucky for us this exciting experience was captured by a number of friends and #HOPMaui family; who have shared it on our YouTube channel for all to enjoy! Take a peek:

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