Try Waterproofing Your Phone for Your Maui Ocean Tours

December 4, 2015

No Maui vacation is complete without ocean adventures. Whether you're out exploring tide pools, walking the beach, swimming, snorkeling, or coming out on any one of our Maui boat excursions, taking great pictures can be rewarding. In fact, everyone seems to have a camera or smart phone in hand these days when they're out on their adventures around the island. But with so many ocean activities, you can imagine how many accidents vacationers have with their phones. They're dropped overboard on boats, soaked on the beaches by surprisingly ambitious waves, and slipped from pockets into streams. Water damage is no fun, and few warranties cover water damage. So why not be the savvy, prepared vacationer in the pack and waterproof your phone?

Not only does waterproofing save your phone from wet accidents, but it also provides the opportunity for even more exciting pictures. Some waterproof cases even include flotation so your phone won't sink to the bottom of the ocean. With all these options, people are bringing their phones with them while body boarding, surfing, kayaking, and even snorkeling. Imagine the images you could capture from the surface of the water, and even beneath it.

There are a few good options in particular, that are known for their quality.

DiCAPac: This company provides waterproof cases for a number of different types of phones and other gadgets. For example, their case for the iPhone 6 protects the phone at depths of up to 10 meters of water, which is about 32 feet. Believe it or not, they're selling it for about $15. These cases also float. Sounds like a small investment to protect something much more valuable, right?

Case Marine: This is a nice option if you want your case to be almost invisible. Unlike the DiCAPac, it doesn't provide floatation, but it does protect your phone to the same 32-foot-depth. It costs just $9 at this point in time, but being a Japanese company, shipping costs might be more expensive than other options.

AquaPac: This UK company makes waterproofing cases for an impressive array of products. Unlike the other two options, flotation depends on the phone, so they recommend you test it out. On the plus side, the touchscreen works normally through the case. Their smart phone cases cost around £20-30, which is about $30-40, depending on the fluctuating values of our currencies.

Another option is to explore the many waterproof phone cases on Amazon and check out the reviews and product specifications. There are so many choices these days, it's just a matter of taking some time to select the one with the features that are most important to you.  We hope you find the perfect case to ensure that you don't have any mishaps on your Maui ocean excursions and other aquatic adventures!

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