Top Ten Casual Places to Eat in West Maui

May 26, 2017

On the lookout for great places to dine or grab food to go on your Maui vacation? If you'll be staying here in West Maui, look no further. Considering we operate our Maui ocean tours from Lahaina, we know the area well, and have come up with a solid top ten list of places to get food based on a combination of our experiences and customer reviews. Conveniently, all of them feature moderate or even cheap prices, despite serving some of the best food on the island. They include those little gems off the beaten path, like food trucks and casual eateries.

1. The Fish Market Maui

Not far from Honokowai Beach Park at what is basically a strip mall, you'll find this casual restaurant, which happens to be one of the most celebrated eateries on the island. Its success might have something to do with the fact that the restaurant is supplied with fresh caught fish brought in by local fishermen every day. The fishermen really know what they're doing, and so do the cooks! You can think of it as a community effort to provide the freshest, cleanest, tastiest seafood that you can find anywhere. You'll find sandwiches, sushi, tacos, fish burgers, lobster, chowder, poke, you name it! If you've spent the morning enjoying fun and sun at the beach, this place is the perfect place to sate your appetite, and all the menu items are under $20.

2. Teppanyaki 2 Go By 808 Afternoons

Just a couple of minutes away from The Fish Market Maui in Honokowai, you'll find another casual gem. This eatery features just a handful of affordable menu options including meat, seafood and vegetarian fare. As you can probably imagine from such a small menu, their emphasis is on perfection. They've succeeded. We'd link you to their website, but they don't have one, so we've opted for their Yelp listing instead. As you can see, these guys like to keep things simple, with an emphasis on quality. Unlike most of the other places on the list, you don't actually dine here. You call in your order, pick it up, and head back to your accommodations, or perhaps maybe take your to-go order to the beach to watch the sunset in the evening.

3. Shark Pit Social

Many locals and visitors alike consider this the best food truck anywhere. That is if you enjoy Asian fusion and Hawaiian food. Conveniently, it's located just off Front Street in historic Lahaina Town, on Papalaua Street. That means you can easily get there on foot after joining us aboard one of our Maui ocean excursions, or after exploring the charms of Lahaina Town. When you arrive, you'll find a small area with a food truck, a tent, and some benches. It has become so popular, there is often a wait at peak mealtimes, so you might want to avoid those. The experience is worth it!

4. Leilani’s

Not sure what kind of food you're in the mood for? This restaurant features a combination of Hawaiian, seafood, and new American fare, so you've got options. This is the place to go when you're exploring the lively Ka'anapali Beach area. Leilani's is located in Whaler's Village, a fun place to shop just steps from the sand. It's a popular resort location, so expect an upbeat, buzzing atmosphere. This is a casual but attractive sit-down place with outdoor seating that gives you some nice ocean views. What sets this place apart from the ones above is the desserts. Try the Hula Pie!

5. Star Noodle

You'll find this delightful restaurant in Lahaina, tucked away on Kupuohi Street, just a minute or two from the Lahaina Cannery Mall. This is the place for your noodle cravings, which can easily be sated with their amazing ramen and Asian fusion dishes. Although its surrounding area is rather barren, the restaurant's interior is attractive, which makes it feel like quite an oasis. Despite its hidden location, it does get crowded there, so you may want to make a reservation or stop by outside peak meal times. As you'll discover if you visit their website, the menu is fairly broad for a noodle place. They'll even work with you on vegetarian options.

6. Lahaina Luna Cafe

Although this delightful place is known for Hawaiian and Asian Fusion food, you'll definitely find some American menu options in the mix. Its location on Front Street couldn't get more convenient if you're exploring Lahaina Town, or joining us on a Maui ocean cruise. In fact, you'll find it just a short walk from the scenic Lahaina Harbor where we operate our excursions. Consider it the perfect opportunity to explore some Hawaiian dishes mixed with options for familiar favorites like burgers and fries. The versatility of the menu makes it great for families with kids.

7. Hula Grill Kaanapali

Consider this place a nice alternative to Leilani's. Both of these fantastic restaurants are located in Whaler's Village in Ka'anapali, perched beside a world renowned mile-long stretch of beach. That means you can bounce back and forth between shopping, swimming, sunbathing and dining, or just grabbing a drink to refresh yourself. Also like Leilani's, the menu features new American, Hawaiian, and seafood fare. Although both restaurants have a lot in common, you may want to explore each menu before you choose between them. If you find yourself standing between them, it might just come down to which restaurant has a shorter wait time. Either way, you're sure to enjoy a tasty meal.

8. Okazuya & Deli Honokowai

This fantastic casual restaurant is at the same location as The Fish Market Maui, the first restaurant on our list. Both are equally casual, but while the Fish Market is all about seafood, Okazuya features a larger menu full of Hawaiian and Japanese traditional favorites, including fantastic breakfast options. Also, it's a perfect choice if you want to experience a classic Hawaiian plate lunch on your way to or from the beach.

9. Ono Tacos

Conveniently located in Lahaina, right off Honoapiilani Highway, you'll find a terrific Mexican food truck that serves tacos, quesadillas, burritos and more. The flavors are outstanding, the prices are cheap, and the location couldn't possibly be easier to get to if you're cruising around Lahaina. The fish tacos are amazing, and so is the friendly service. If you have a craving for good old fashioned Mexican food, this is the ideal spot to sate your craving while you're on the go.

10. Ono Kau Kau

"Ono" means good and "Kau Kau" means food in Hawaiian, which applies to this local favorite. Yet another amazing place to eat in Honokowai, this one is as casual as they come, and they do have a few tables, so you can sit and eat there or take your food to go. The menu features classic Hawaiian and Chinese fare. Despite how small the restaurant is, their menu is surprisingly big, so you might even want to figure out what you want before you get there. One of the perks of this place is that they serve breakfast all day!

When you're on vacation, amazing food is the best fuel to keep you going on your adventures. Here on Maui, there are too many things to do and see in the space of one vacation. The same can easily be said about the places to eat, but hopefully this is enough to get you started. If you miss some of these places on your first trip, you may want to keep them in mind for your next one! We hope you enjoy these places as much as we do! Mahalo!

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