Top 10 Maui Activities For Kids

July 21, 2017

There are so many things to do and see on Maui, visitors often try to fit it all into one vacation and find that they can't. But with so many different activity options, it can be a challenge to thread through them to find out what's suitable for kids of certain ages, and what isn't. Some activities are best left to adults, while others are only suitable for older children. With that in mind, here is a list of our top 10 suggestions for things to do with your kids on a Maui vacation.

Molokini Snorkel tours - The number 1 way to discover Hawaii's marine life with your children: joining them in their natural habitat! Molokini is home to calm, clear waters, and hundreds of marine life species; making for the perfect family snorkel experience. Book with us and enjoy one of Maui's most memorable experiences with your family!

Submarine tours - These outings are safe and convenient for children of many ages, not to mention that they love these experiences. Especially if you have a child who isn't big on getting in the water, at least not yet. These kinds of tours give kids a chance to view the underwater world without getting wet.

Magic shows - These performances inspire wonder in children, and that makes them a popular favorite. Magicians seem to do the impossible, and most kids get a real thrill out of seeing magicians do things they can't explain. Either your children will be amazed, or hard at work trying to figure out how the tricks are done. Either way, this is a mentally stimulating option and a lot of fun.

Luaus - At these gatherings, your kids will have a big selection of food, so even if they're on the finicky side, they'll usually find something they like. More importantly, it's the dazzling entertainment that children enjoy at luaus. They get to watch mesmerizing hula performances, and sometimes even fire dancers. Just don't be surprised if they demand lessons!

Horseback Riding - There are a number of places that offer trail rides to guests on Maui, and all of them are accustomed to accommodating children. Check their specific age limits. Timid children can sometimes be apprehensive about horses, at least at first, but once they get used to the steady rhythm of movement, the ride becomes a fun and memorable experience. Not to mention the lure of the gorgeous Maui scenery.

Hiking tours - Older kids can have a lot of fun with hiking tours, and the spectrum is pretty broad in terms of strenuousness. Opt for easy hikes and experience Maui's natural beauty with your children. This is also a great way to get your kids to spend their energy.

Zipline - This exhilarating activity is generally limited to children aged 10 and over. If your kids don't have a fear of heights, this can be one of the most fun and exiting things they will ever do. How often do kids get to tell their friends about how they went zooming through the trees on Maui with the beautiful blue Pacific as the backdrop?

Sugar Cane Train Ride - Although the sugar cane industry has just come to an end, the Lahaina Sugar Cane Train is in operation, and waiting to whisk you and your kids off on a historic tour of West Maui. The sights are stunning for kids of all ages, but this activity tends to be the most popular among younger children.

Maui Ocean Center - You won't find a bigger collection of native Hawaiian marine species anywhere else in the world. Conveniently, you and your children get to view these fascinating creatures in all their colorful splendor without having to get into the water to look for them. Best of all, it's suitable for young children too. Don't miss the touch pools!

Surfing Lessons - Ideal for kids that fall into the middle or older age range, surfing lessons are taught by experienced instructors all over the island. They teach at beaches with mild conditions to ensure safety, and it's worth keeping in mind that surf instructors are powerful swimmers. Choose based on reviews from other parents to ensure the best experience.

(Bonus!) Parasailing/Whale Watching - We're combining these two activities because they're mutually exclusive, depending on the time of year. From December to May, whale watching tours will be in operation. During the other half of the year when the humpbacks have migrated to their summer feeding grounds, parasailers can take to the skies once again. They can't operate during whale season because of the risk of striking a whale. Seeing a 45-foot long whale in person tends to leave a lasting impression on children, and sometimes a lasting love of marine life. Sailing through the skies over the ocean off Maui's shores also leaves a lasting impression, by providing your kids with a whole new perspective on the world, literally.

If you're vacationing with family, Maui can be a wonderland for children and adults alike. Just don't forget to treat yourself to a special experience too! If you have someone to babysit, or your kids are safely off on their own supervised adventure, maybe you can join us aboard a romantic Maui sunset dinner cruise / theater combo tour. Whatever is in store for you and your children, we hope you have an amazing time on the island! Mahalo!

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