Tips To Make The Most Of Your Lanai Snorkeling Trip

May 10, 2014

By Captain Dave

Ready for a fun filled Maui snorkel trip? Here's a few tips to remember as you take the plunge!

  1. Look, But Don't Touch
    While snorkeling in Maui waters you will come across absolutely stunning marine life; from beautiful coral to colorful fish and much more. In order to preserve these living treasures, it's always best to enjoy the sights without attempting to touch or otherwise disrupt them. Especially coral which, while maintaining the appearance of tough yet colorful undersea rocks, are often extremely delicate, and can take years to grow back once damaged.
  2. Relax!
    A common mistake for many first time snorkelers is to be a bit over zealous with their underwater movements. Staying calm, and allowing yourself to almost float along with slow, measured kicks will not only save you from getting tired too soon, but will keep the fish and other marine life around you much more relaxed, and therefore much more comfortable being near you as you explore their home.
  3. Use Sunscreen
    As with any outdoor activity, you will want to be sure to protect yourself from sunburn with a safe, waterproof sunscreen prior to departure.
  4. Stay Hydrated
    Between the wonderfully warm Hawaiian sun escorting you on your boat trip out, and the low resistance undersea exercise you will receive once you don your snorkel gear, you will surely want to keep your body well hydrated with lots of water to avoid any discomfort during your day time adventure.

Now that you have these tips in mind, if you haven't already go book your Lanai snorkel trip now and put them to good use!

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