The Benefits of a Membership with Hawaii Ocean Project

October 16, 2015

Have you ever thought about a membership with Hawaii Ocean Project? There are several benefits, but in these times, it means a lot to join a business with integrity. Not only are we supremely concerned with the health of our marine ecosystem, but we also send part of our earnings to scientific researchers who work hard to better understand our oceans. For example, 100 percent of the profits from our merchandise sales go to these scientists, helping to ensure their ability to keep doing the vital work that they do. We also give 100 percent of your membership fee to these researchers. If you support us, you will be supporting them.

As for the benefits you'll enjoy, a membership can be a wonderful thing, especially if you've booked with us on more than one occasion. First, we provide you with a 25 percent reduction on the prices of the following ocean excursions:

You will also receive our quarterly newsletter to keep you apprised of all our latest events, changes, and special announcements. If you're a Maui resident, the newsletters are a great way to stay in the know. If you're a Maui visitor, they can help keep you connected to our efforts out here in the big blue Pacific.

Since every member is not the same, we offer a few levels of membership, so you can choose the one that suits you best. Each one is unique, just like our members. Here is a list of what you will receive under each membership level. Remember that 100 percent of your membership fee goes to our Research Direct Program that funds the work of brilliant marine research scientists.

  • Sea Level $50.00 - Basic benefits plus a HOP Beach Towel
  • Spyhopper $100.00 - Basic benefits, a HOP Beach Towel, and a copy of Dr. Jim Darling's Hawaii's Humpbacks: Unveiling the Mysteries, with photographs by Flip Nicklin
  • Full Breach $350.00 - Basic benefits, 2 HOP Beach Towels, a copy of Dr. Jim Darling's Hawaii's Humpbacks: Unveiling the Mysteries, with photographs by Flip Nicklin, and your membership being highlighted in the next HOP newsletter

We look forward to you joining as a member, so we can work together to support marine research! Mahalo!

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