Maui Whale Watch Guide - Why Humpbacks Breach

When you join us on a whale watch tour on Maui, breaching is one of the common actions you're likely to see. Breaching is when a whale throws its entire body out of the water. It's an awesome to sight to witness, to be sure.


Discovering The Nakalele Blowhole

The trail leading to Nakalele Blowhole is approximately 8 miles north of Kapalua. You will you are there when you see the 38.5 mileage marker. Park your car near the marker and make your way to the blowhole. The trail is only 0.8 miles long and has light to moderate traffic. If the water shooting out of the rocks below doesn’t give it away, you will know you have reached the blowhole when you see the famous heart-shaped cut out in one of the rocks that face it.

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