Best Gluten Free Sit-Down Restaurants on Maui - HOP to it


A member of our family was diagnosed with gluten issues about seven years ago. Since then, she's been on a gluten-free diet. At the time of the diagnosis, finding a great gluten-free meal on Maui was tough. Nowadays, finding a restaurant without gluten-free options is a rarity. Most, in fact, either designate items on the menu as gluten-free, have gluten-free sections or sport entire gluten-free menus. Even pizza joints and Italian restaurants are offering gluten-free pizza crusts and pastas. Here are our choices, listed alphabetically, of the best gluten free friendly sit down restaurants on Maui. For more casual gluten free meals, check out this list.

Lahaina Grill (Lahaina)
With clearly marked gluten-free menus, Lahaina Grill combines the finest of fine dining with wonderful gluten-free accommodations. More than half of their menu is gluten free. With starters ranging from escargot to foie gras, numerous salads, entrees featuring lamb, beef, chicken, seafood and vegetarian dishes, you're pretty much guaranteed to find a satisfying gluten-free meal. Lahaina Grill is one of the most  decorated restaurants on Maui, having captured the Hale'aina Award for best Maui restaurant 24 years in a row. Located in the heart of Lahaina, Lahaina Grill is one of Maui's true culinary treasures. (Lahaina Grill)

Matteo's Osteria (Wailea) With options for gluten-free pastas and pizza crusts, Matteo's Osteria is one Italian restaurant the whole family can enjoy. Matteo's serves up one of the best and biggest wine lists on Maui, including 60 different wines by the glass, and usually has a gluten-free beer on hand. The menu at Matteo's clearly marks the gluten-free options and has a separate designation if they can make an item gluten free on request. If you're gluten free and staying in Wailea, dining at Matteo's is a no-brainer. (Matteo's Osteria)

Maui Brick Oven (Kihei)
100% gluten-free, Maui Brick Oven has been the go-to restaurant on Maui for gluten intolerant residents and visitors since 2012. Let me say it again, everything on the menu is gluten-free. While somewhat pricey, if you want to be certain you won't have even the smallest bit of gluten contamination, this is the place for you. The pizzas are hot, crisp and tasty. The eggplant parmesan is one of the best we've ever eaten, gluten free or not. Non-gluten-free eaters will truly enjoy the food at Maui Brick Oven, as well. (Maui Brick Oven)

Mill House (Wailuku)
Located on the grounds of the Tropical Plantation, Mill House is a big proponent of farm-to-table dining. Though the restaurant seems like it's been around for years, the official grand opening only took place in March, 2016. Since then, Mill House has really taken off. Beyond their food, they are becoming renowned for hosting culinary events featuring the best chefs in Hawaii and around the world. Though they don't offer a separate gluten-free menu, ask your server for options. They have an expansive list of gluten-free meals and starters. The Mill House is also vegetarian-friendly, with many outstanding, fresh vegetable dishes. (Mill House)

Sansei (Kapalua, Kihei)
Always a popular destination for fresh sushi, Sansei is also committed to gluten free diners. We didn't realize they offered a gluten-free menu until our last visit (we go here often), so be sure to ask. Of course, most of the sushi is gluten free, but they also offer seafood dishes, numerous starters and desserts. They even keep gluten-free beer on the menu. With locations on both the west and south sides, Sansei should be on your short list of restaurants to try on Maui. (Sansei)

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