Hawaii's New Crosswalk Law Takes Effect Today

OK, so you know how you approach a crosswalk and the crosswalk signal is flashing how much time you have left to cross the street and you see there's 12 seconds to cross the short intersection so you walk across the street and hit the sidewalk with two seconds to spare? Well, that is now illegal. What exactly is illegal? Attempting to cross the street when the countdown timer has already started. True story!

Today, Senate Bill 663 goes live in the state of Hawaii. With it comes a $130 fine. Would the police actually write you up a ticket? Probably not, or so Honolulu Police Capt. Ben Moszkowicz of the Traffic Division told the Honolulu Star-Advertiser, "Honestly, under the new state statute we probably wouldn't cite people... We kind of try to use some common sense. If they're still in the intersection when the red hand goes on, then we would probably cite them then."

So the moral of the story is, you can probably cross the street like you normally do. But just know, the police can cite you for entering the crosswalk when the walk light is blinking. So, don't be a jerk to the officer who gives you a warning or you may end up with a $130 ticket!

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