Snorkeling Tips for Beginners

March 11, 2016

Once you get the hang of it, snorkeling can be a fascinating and awe-inspiring experience. When you're really comfortable with it, snorkeling can even be relaxing. Countless guests on our Molokini Snorkel Tour and our Lanai Snorkel Tour have had an amazing time exploring the vibrant reefs that can be found just a breezy boat ride away. However, if it's your first time, snorkeling can be a little awkward at first. If you're not accustomed to a mask on your face, fins on your feet, and a breathing through a snorkel, it can be a lot to adjust to, so we have a few tips to help make your experience comfortable.

The Mask: The whole point of snorkeling is being able to see what's under the water, and when your vision is clear, you'll have a better overall experience. There are a couple of things to be aware of when it comes to the mask. If water is leaking into it, you may need to tighten the strap, which we can assist you with. If it continues to leak, you should try a smaller size. Another common issue is fogginess inside the mask, which clouds your vision, and that's no fun. We prevent this with defogging solution, and in a pinch, every experienced snorkeler and diver knows that a little spit, although not as glamorous, is just as effective in a pinch. Let us know if you're having trouble with any of these things and we'll assist you.

The Snorkel: Breathing through the snorkel may feel a bit odd at first. It may also feel like a bit more work for the lungs, and for the mouth, which has to hold it in place. The important thing is clear air flow. Ideally, the ocean's surface will be nice and flat, reducing the chances that water gets into your snorkel. If some water does happen to splash in, just blow out sharply and the water will be forced from your snorkel. Also check the angle of the snorkel and feel the direction it's pointing in. Try to adjust so that it's pointing up and away from the water. Once again, if you have any difficulties, let us know and we'll do whatever we can to assist.

The Fins: This is where your power comes from. Fins allow you to swim longer and expend less energy. Think of it like more of a strength workout than cardio. Luckily for we humans, our legs are already incredibly strong just because we walk on land. Rely on slow but steady kicks with minimal knee bending to conserve energy. To help ensure that this works well, a good fit is important. Your fins should be just a bit snug all around your foot, because they will feel less tight once you're in the water. Fins that are too loose can slip off, and both tight and loose fins can be uncomfortable on your feet. If you have any trouble with your fins, let us know.

One last tidbit of advice is that you don't push yourself too hard. Tension can be draining, so if you're feeling awkward at first, try to spend some time just getting comfortable with how your gear feels in the water. Once you start to feel comfortable, the experience can be much more relaxing and you can focus on the stunning underwater world that's so passionately celebrated here in the waters surrounding Maui. And if you're having any trouble at all, again, don't hesitate to ask us for assistance. The same is true if you need help with your booking! You'll find our contact information at the bottom of the page. Mahalo, and we look forward to welcoming you aboard!

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