Did you know Hawaii Ocean Project also owns a cafe on Front Street in Lahaina? It’s called Ocean Cafe and it sits across the street from Banyan Tree Court Park. We chose this location because it’s perfect if you’re riding on a boat docked at Lahaina Harbor.

At the Ocean Cafe, they serve coffee from Maui Coffee Roasters, which, if you’re not familiar, is roasted daily on Maui in small batches. Whether you like it hot or cold, black or with cream and sugar, or whipped up and frothed, the Ocean Cafe has your coffee needs covered. In addition to coffee, the cafe serves breakfast sandwiches, danishes and muffins for breakfast. For lunch, they offer sandwiches, hot dogs, and our favorite, chili dogs. Of course there’s also chips, cookies, sodas, smoothies, water and more. You’re allowed to take snacks on our boats, so fill up before your trip.

The Ocean Cafe also offers rentals for the beach, snorkel gear and even bicycle rentals. We recommend the tandem bike for just $25 a day. You can also book any of our ocean activities– snorkel adventures, whale watch tours and sunset dinner cruises directly at the cafe, skipping the middleman.

So next time you’re in Lahaina, swing by and say “aloha”!

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