Molokini is a tiny crescent shaped island off Maui’s South Shore. Its protective arms encircle a flourishing reef below the surface, blanketing the ocean floor. The reef is home to a teeming array of fascinating marine species too numerous to count. Thanks to the lack of any nearby sandy beaches, you’ll find the visibility is especially clear, particularly early in the mornings when the weather is calm. If this sounds like an underwater world that you’d like to explore, we have just the excursion for you and your group.

Climb aboard the Lahaina Princess for a breezy cruise out to Molokini. A boat ride is the only way to get to this amazing spot, and the sights are marvelous along the way. You’ll have pristine ocean as far as the eye can see, complimented by the majestic mountains of Maui and Kaho’olawe. As for little Molokini, what remains of its former mountainous glory is the very top of an ancient volcanic caldera. There’s no climbing onto the island, as any seabirds living there are protected by the law, but aside from that, it would be difficult to get far thanks to the vertical orientation of the land.

Whale Watch Adventure

Molokini’s crescent shape protects not only the coral and marine life that make their home there, but also the boats, snorkelers and scuba divers who come to witness its remarkable seascapes. The waters inside the crescent are shielded from both wind and waves, making the area a tranquil sanctuary that is unique in the world.

Our Molokini Snorkel Tours depart from the scenic Lahaina Harbor, which is especially convenient for those of you whose accommodations are on this side of the island. If you’re coming from South Maui, we recommend that you plan for an hour of driving to ensure you arrive on time. If you’re staying in West Maui, we offer exclusive courtesy bus service to and from several of the vacation accommodations in the area, including all Kaanapali Beach Resorts.

Romantic Sunset Adventure

This activity is fantastic for families, romantic outings, and all adventurous groups who enjoy getting out in the water to see the splendors of Hawaii’s marine ecosystem. If you have any questions, or you’d like to purchase tickets, you’ll find our contact information at the bottom of the page. Mahalo for reading this week, and we look forward to seeing you out on the beautiful blue Pacific Ocean with us soon!

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