One of the great things about our ocean paradise is that there’s no shortage of activities in and on the water to fill a vacation itinerary. Snorkeling on Maui, in particular, is simply a must. At Hawaii Ocean Project we invite you to come aboard for our exclusive Molokini Snorkel Tour, where we venture beyond the shores of Maui and visit Hawaii’s very own marine island sanctuary. There’s plenty of fish in the sea and Molokini is jam-packed with schools of sea life to fill you with wonder. That is, if you’re not already amazed by the stunning geography on display.

Rising 160 feet above water, nearly a half-mile long and curved like an open smile, there’s plenty to take in at Molokini Crater before you get in the water. The islet is also a seabird sanctuary for 2 primary bird species: Wedge-tailed Shearwaters and Bulwers Petrels. Well over a thousand have made their nests at the crater. Though they feed primarily during the day, you’ll still see a lot of them perched along the cliffs. Bring a camera and savor the opportunity. That, plus the crater itself makes for a spectacular backdrop. Don’t be shy. We’re more than happy to capture the moment for you.

Whale Watch Adventure

For experienced snorkelers, this is an opportunity you can’t miss. How many people can say they snorkeled inside a volcano? For those new to snorkeling, a Molokini excursion is the perfect gateway charter that’ll have you coming back for more. We provide careful instruction on board, and our vessel makes it a breeze getting into the water with an easy swim-up platform. The hard part isn’t getting you in, it’s getting you back on the boat when it’s time to go.

A Molokini tour is a snorkeler’s dream. Underwater visibility is unparalleled. The clear, sapphire blue water is a result of the lack of surrounding sand. With sunlight penetrating, visibility is in excess of up to 100 feet. The arms of Molokini crater protects snorkelers from the wind, waves, and the ocean current, ensuring for uninterrupted exploration of the stunning coral reef below. Molokini’s shallow reef boasts an ecosystem of 250 species of fish and marine animals, so it’s not a question of whether you’ll see any, but how many you can count.

Romantic Sunset Adventure

With the amazing visibility also comes ample opportunity for some truly amazing underwater photos. Do keep in mind that Molokini is home to all of its underwater residents, so while visitors are blessed with uninterrupted snorkel time, we ask that you do not disturb or provoke the sea life. Boats are tied to moorings instead of anchoring to prevent harming the reef, and only a certain number of vessels are permitted to enter the crater at a time. We are doing our part to preserve Molokini and its wildlife for others to come visit and enjoy. We ask that you do the same.

Our Molokini Snorkel Tour will surely be the highlight of your vacation. Check-in is at 6:30am at the North end of the Lahaina Harbor with departure set for 7:00. Just in case you couldn’t squeeze in a meal before the early check-in, we do offer a continental breakfast to get you ready for the day ahead. It’s a 6-hour excursion, meaning there will be plenty of time to bask in the ocean and all of its wonder. Book online and save 10% off Hawaii’s premiere snorkel destination.

Dolphin Snorkel Adventure
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