Maui's Peak Whale Season

January 29, 2016

January is drawing to a close as peak whale season approaches. Humpback whales migrate in throngs from their cold Alaskan feeding grounds in the summer to our warm Hawaiian waters in the winter. Although the first sightings of the year are often in October or even as early as September, different whales arrive at different times. For example, pregnant females and mothers tend to arrive around the same time while adult males arrive at another time. It's almost like regulated traffic, but when is the whale rush hour on Maui?

Peak whale watching months are February and March, which is why we mention it now at the end of January. If you are deliberating on your travel dates and Maui whale watching is on your to-do list, you might want to plan accordingly. Around this time of year, there are numerous whale-related events and celebrations going on around the island, but nothing is quite as thrilling as getting out on a whale watch tour and seeing these amazing giants in their natural habitat.

We're confident that you'll see whales on our tours, especially over the next two months. So confident in fact, you get our money back guarantee on whale sightings, while many other charters will only give you a voucher for another cruise with their company. While we're on the subject of our special deals, booking online on our website also saves you 10% of your ticket price.

Our cruises feature expert whale narration from our Captain and crew, free use of binoculars and even the use of a hydrophone so you can listen to the whales calling and singing, depending on water conditions and whale proximity. Buying souvenirs from our onboard gift shop will directly support some of Hawaii's finest marine scientists whose efforts aid in conservation, policy decisions and education, among other benefits.

If you have any questions about our whale watch tours or any other cruises we offer, we'd be happy to help. Meanwhile, click either one of the above links to go directly to our whale watch tour page where you'll find more details on all the wonderful things that we provide for you when you come out with us. We look forward to seeing you out on the beautiful blue Pacific soon! Mahalo!

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