Maui Vacation Activity Journaling

January 15, 2016

Keeping a travel journal is one of the best ways to remember your vacation experience and share it with others, even down the generations after time has changed the world. The technology that's always at our fingertips makes it easier than ever. While being glued to your smart phone snapping pictures can distract you from being in the moment, those images can be used to enhance your journaling, especially if you do it digitally. Regardless of your technological immersion or lack thereof, there are some strategies that you may find useful for making your journal the best it can be.

1. Set time aside to do it. This means actually planning your schedule with a block of time to log your reflections. Since you're on vacation, each day is likely packed with memorable moments that you won't want to forget about over time. As the years go by, those special little details tend to slip away. For many of us, even a few days will blur the memories, so try to be consistent and get some journaling done each day of your vacation.

2. Focus on your theme. What matters most to you about your vacation? It could be the natural beauty that you discover, the feeling of togetherness you experience when sharing your adventures with friends and loved ones, your special encounters with wildlife that you can't find at home, the qualities that make the surrounding culture so fascinating, or even the dynamic way that food enhances your vacation experience throughout the day. So what is it that stands out most to you? Focusing on the answer will give your journal a cohesive flavor that makes it all the more compelling.

3. Leave room for later additions. This is a useful technique for hand written journals in case you forgot a certain something about your day that occurs to you later. It happens, and if you don't leave yourself any space, working the information in can be awkward. If it's too late and you already forgot to leave yourself some space, a little humor can help you weave the forgotten details into your current entry.

4. Hold onto those little things. Years and years down the line, your boarding pass will be quite the novel item. A napkin from that swanky hotel bar might just make you smile. Your Maui boat tour tickets may remind you of what the adventure was like. The business card from that charming little shop where you found your locally crafted souvenirs can remind you of the treasures you found, and who you found them for. This is a central technique among savvy scrapbookers.

5. Make notes. A great way to keep track of all the details that make your day special is to note them down in your phone or on a notepad. At the end of a whirlwind day packed with exciting adventures, wonderful company and delicious food, your mind could be so overwhelmed by your experience that you might forget the name of that beach you found, or that performer you met. This also helps to make your later journaling faster and easier.

Check back next week for our next five journaling tips! In the meantime, if you need assistance with your Maui ocean tour booking, you'll find our contact information at the bottom of the page. We hope to be part of your journal soon! Mahalo!

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