Marine Life Fun Facts - Whale Song

August 21, 2014

By Captain Dave

As just about anyone who has joined us on one of our Maui whale watch adventures can attest; humpback whales are known to sing beautifully throughout their stay in Hawaii's waters. Here are a few fun facts on the hows and whys of these fabulous underwater songs . . .

  • Male humpback whales love to sing in our waters; while it is not entirely clear why, researchers believe they do as both a way to attract females, and to ward off encroaching male whales.
  • Whale songs are typically sung 50-60 feet below the waters' surface, for anywhere between 20 and 40 minutes at a time.
  • While singing, the humpback whale will stay in one spot, nose pointed downwards with their tail pointed towards the surface.
  • Whale songs are extremely complex in structure; with units, phrases, and themes throughout.
  • Adding to the complexity is the fact that while whale songs change throughout the season, as each new season begins, the current season's song picks up from where the last season left off, effectively making for one continuously evolving piece of music throughout the years.
  • Even more astounding: while in Hawaii, every male humpback will sing the exact same song throughout their stay here, changes and all!

Whale songs really must be heard in person to fully appreciate their beauty. Book your Maui whale watching trip today and experience the amazing melodies of these fantastic creatures for yourself!

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