HOP 100 Percent Research Direct Program

May 22, 2015

Are you passionate about the stewardship of Hawaii's irreplaceable marine ecosystem and all its unique inhabitants? We are. Ecotourism is a cornerstone to those efforts, which is why we've made sure that our Maui ocean tours bring funding to respected and published marine scientists. Scientists are always in search of creative ways to get their research funded, and fortunately for our donation recipients, we connect them with visitors who believe in their work, which hopefully includes you!

We support scientists whose work continuously provides policy makers, ecotourism businesses, residents and visitors with the newest insights on how to safely interact with our sensitive marine ecosystem. All the while, we can relax and enjoy its remarkable beauty, knowing that we are doing everything we can to prevent interference with it. Not only that, but we can also help restore some of the ecosystem that has been impacted in the past.

Our 100% Research Direct Program allows our guests to donate money to scientists who we support. Every penny goes directly to these scientists, meaning there are no director salaries or administrative fees being siphoned away from your donation. We've even taken our commitment a step further, giving 100% of our gift shop Maui cruise excursion profits to our recipient scientists.

How far has our assistance gone for these recipients? Since the inception of HOP, we've contributed over $80,000 through this program, with the help of our wonderful conscientious guests. We could have opted to keep our gift shop profits, but the truth is, when businesses give back to their community, everyone benefits. We look forward to a future where this kind of commitment becomes the standard for businesses the world over, and they discover how mutually enriching such partnerships are. In fact, we're working to establish a coalition of businesses from all over the island to contribute to researchers. In turn, we will promote those businesses to our guests.

Our program's contributions currently support the following scientists:

  • Mark and Debbie Ferrari of The Center for Whale Studies
  • Dr. Joseph Mobley of Marine Mammal Research Consultants, Ltd. and the University of Hawaii
  • Dr. Meagan Jones of Whale Trust
  • Dr. Robin Baird of Cascadia Research Collective
  • Jill Mickelsen of Hawaii Whale Research Foundation

If you'd like to learn more, and perhaps make a contribution, check out our HOP donation recipients page. Mahalo!

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