By Captain Dave

Hawaii Ocean Project Marine Research Update: Here’s what one of our favorite researchers, Dr. Robin Baird, will be up to in the coming weeks:

Maui whale watching
  • During the latter half of July, starting July 17th, Dr. Baird and his team will embark on a 12 day field project off of the Big Island of Hawaii with the following goals:
  • Attempt to deploy “LIMPET”  satellite tags onto dwarf sperm whales – a feat which, if successful, will be the first time it has ever been completed due to their notorious reputation of being difficult to approach and tag.
  • Once tagged; obtain movement and diving behavior from these dwarf sperm whales as they enjoy the warm Hawaiian waters.
  • Continue research work with false killer whales and pantropical spotted dolphins.
  • Deploy a small number of “LIMPET” satellite tags on other marine species (including beaked whales, sperm whales, melon-headed whales, pygmy killer whales, rough-toothed dolphins and/or bottlenose dolphins) to help further our understanding of their habitat use and movements.
  • Gather biopsy and photo documentation to identify and learn more about the population structure and abundance of Hawaiian odontocetes.

Updates to follow as the field project gets further underway.