Fun In The Sun Aboard The Molokai Ferry

June 17, 2014

By Captain Dave

Thinking of taking a flight out to the beautiful island of Molokai while on your next Maui vacation? Did you know there's a fantastic alternative provided by the Hawaii Ocean Project?

A "hidden gem" which has been servicing the local Maui community for many, many years now, a trip on our Molokai Ferry is a fantastic alternative to an oftentimes less than ideal flight to the Friendly Isle. What makes a trip aboard the Molokai Ferry the better choice? Many reasons, including:

  • (Less) Stress: Forego long lines and invasive security checks at the airport for the laid back atmosphere and check in at the Lahaina and Kaunakakai Harbors.
  • Convenience: Staying in Kaanapali, Kapalua, Lahaina, or anywhere else on Maui's westernmost coast? The Lahaina harbor is just a few minutes away from the majority of West Maui's most popular accommodations; while a trip to Kahului airport could easily take 45 minutes or more via car.
  • Price: As of this writing, round trip airfare from Maui to Molokai is in the $280 range per person. This is more than DOUBLE the price of a round trip fare on the Molokai Ferry for an adult passenger, and almost FOUR TIMES the price of a children's round trip fare on the Molokai Ferry! Factor in additional savings such as Taxi fare to and from your hotel to the Lahaina Harbor vs. the airport, and you'll agree the Molokai Ferry offers a much better value for your dollar!
  • Experience: Why sit in a chilly, stuffy airline cabin with a bunch of strangers when you can enjoy the warm Hawaiian sun, cooling ocean breeze, and a feeling of familiarity while traveling with the always awesome crew and passengers aboard the equally amazing, open air Molokai Ferry?!

Ready to book your trip to Molokai? Click here to make your reservations today!

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