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February 14, 2018

Maui is a featured destination for weddings and honeymoons. But its beauty and romantic settings aren't just for newlyweds. One doesn't need to be married to explore Maui like a newlywed. Sure, a romantic sunset dinner on an outdoor patio is always nice. But here are some other fun and romantic things to do on Maui with a loved one that will set your hearts aflutter.

Couples Massage
It may be a bit of a cliche, but a couples massage is really romantic. Add in an the allure of Maui and your massage gets taken to the next level. We polled a couple of massage therapists who are NOT affiliated with any these locations and they recommended the following:

Full Moon Hike
If you have an adventurous streak, this might be the one for you. Obviously, you'll need perfect timing to do this hike, as in, there needs to be a full moon and the skies need to be clear of clouds. OK, if both of those are in play, then we highly recommend giving the 5-mile roundtrip (if you're doing it as up and back) Pali Trail hike up to the windmills a shot. You'll still want to bring a headlamp or flashlight with you, but the moon does a great job illuminating the trail. Once you've reached the windmills, the view of of the stars is a sight to behold. It takes about 1.5 hours at a leisurely pace to reach the windmills (both from the Lahaina and the Ma'alaea side).

Full Moon Tide Pools
If a 3.0 hour hike in the dark isn't your thing, then maybe exploring tide pools by the light of the moon is more in your wheelhouse. Here's a list of our favorite tide pools. All of them, except the Olivine Pools would be fantastic with a full moon. The creatures that come out at night are fascinating. Combined with a sunset stroll and some light snacks and you have a uniquely Maui night of romance.

Haleakala Sunrise
Waking up at 3:00 and driving for nearly 1.5 hours to stand in the freezing cold is no one's idea of fun or romantic. But once you reach the summit of Haleakala and see the first glimpses of light peaking out over the horizon, you'll be so thankful you did. Hold your sweetie tight and take in one of nature's true beauties. Two things to note. Most days, it's literally freezing. You'll see ice up there from late fall to early spring, so dress appropriately. Second, you need to make reservations with the National Parks Service or you'll be turned away at the summit. Follow this link to make reservations.

Sunset Dinner Cruise
A romantic three-course meal with table side service and cocktails is just the start of a sunset dinner cruise with Hawaii Ocean Project. With guaranteed deck-top seating, you won't miss a second of the Maui's famed sunset. Add in live music and dancing, and you're sure to spend a romantic evening at sea with the one you love. Book a trip here and save 10%

Sunset Walk
Both Wailea (Wailea Coastal Walk) and Kapalua (Kapalua Coastal Trail) have wonderful paths for a nice sunset (or sunrise) walk along the shore. Both paths are roughly 1.5 miles in length. So if you head out at sunset, make sure you'll be back before the sun completely sets or you bring a flashlight (or use your phone's flashlight app). As a bonus, during the winter months, you may see whales from both locations.

By the way, did you know that you can now save $10/person on our Maui Princess Dinner Cruise or a Snorkel Adventure to the island of Lanai? Well you can! Just use the promo code VIP20 after clicking on this link: Hawaii Ocean Project Adventures.

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