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November 9, 2017

Whether you live on Maui or are just visiting, Maui's artisan food purveyors make treats that you can enjoy and feel good about. Using local ingredients and hiring local residents, artisan goods are a boon to the local economy. The five companies listed here make products that are good now, but they also make excellent gifts for friends and relatives on the mainland. They all travel well in a suitcase, or they can be ordered online and shipped. We only listed five companies, but there are numerous local companies who display their wares at farmers markets all over the island.

Waikapu Pickles
These pickles, made from Maui-grown cucumbers, are fully made by hand, down to the slicing. Just two years old, Waikapu Pickles have taken Maui by storm. While regularly available at the Upcountry Farmers Market, they can also be found at natural food stores like Mana Foods in Paia and Down to Earth in Kahului. They currently bottle four varieties of pickles, with the Hawaiian Chili Pepper being our favorite. (Waikapu Pickles)

Adoboloco Hot Sauce
What started as a homeschool project has grown into a wonderful little sauce company. Bottling chili waters, hot sauces and marinades, this family run business shows that the family that works together, stays together. Adoboloco Hot Sauces can be found at Foodland, Whole Foods and many other retail establishments. Popular breakfast spot Kihei Caffe has it available to use on your meals, if you wish to try it. (Adoboloco)

Maui Fruit Jewels
Made in Wailuku, these vegan, gluten-free candies are made with over 50% fresh, local fruit. Excellent for eating here on island or for taking off-island, Maui Fruit Jewels are a perfect gift. Featuring local fruits like mango, pineapple, lilikoi, other flavors include herb and spiced wine and tumeric. Here on Maui, Maui Fruit Jewels can be found at Whole Foods, Foodland and assorted gift shops. (Maui Fruit Jewels)

Maui Olive Oil
Using olives grown upcountry in Kula, Maui Olive Company presses and makes this olive oil here on Maui. After six years of waiting for their olive trees to bear fruit, the company pressed their first olive oil in 2015. They sell out fast, but if you head to the Upcountry Farmers Market early on Saturday mornings, you may be able to find some. If you do, you'll be in for a real treat! (Maui Olive Company)

Maui Crisps
A beef jerky unlike any beef jerky you've ever had, Maui Crisps are more like potato chips in texture. You can literally snap them and crumble them with your fingers. How do they manage to make preservative-free smoked beef into a chip? With paper thin slices of beef, smoked just right. Maui Crisps really need to be tried to understand the novelty of the product. For non-meat eaters, they are now packaging pineapple crisps. Tracking them down isn't so easy. You can either purchase them from the website, or from the Shell gas station on Kaahumanu Ave. near the Queen Kaahumanu shopping center. (Maui Crisps)

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