Fantastic Fun For Kids Of All Ages

January 11, 2014

With whale season in full swing, now is the time to take your family on a Maui whale watching excursion with the Hawaii Ocean Project. Spotted in our warm waters on a daily basis, these magnificent humpback whales put on an amazing show for our guests throughout the winter months; as they frolic and play amongst the warm Maui waters. While our tours offer a great time to guests of all ages, we take particular pride in helping to educate future generations of marine biologists, scientists, educators, and enthusiasts in the many wonderful inhabitants of our world's oceans. To this end, the Hawaii Ocean Project continues to offer educational excursions and materials to expand our children's' collective knowledge of the sea.

As you are never too young to start learning about the fantastic creatures which populate our seas, we have created a very special "Keiki (kids) Fun Page" featuring a number of fun printable activities perfect for the ride to or from your next whale watch excursion. From coloring activities, to crossword puzzles and other brain game, the activities on our fun page is sure to entertain your kids while providing lots of fun and educational knowledge to boot!

Check out our Keiki Fun Page today!

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