Don't Miss These 5 Lahaina Art Galleries

July 14, 2017

Did you know that Lahaina has more art galleries per capita than any other town in the United States? From popular local artists to internationally renowned masters, you'll find a stunning spectrum of art in Lahaina. Maybe there's something inspiring about discovering beautiful works of art in an equally beautiful place, because the art scene only seems to be growing in Lahaina. There are sometimes even opportunities to meet some of the artists. You might even find paintings of the Lahaina Harbor in some of these galleries. Its scenic beauty makes it a popular subject. In fact, some of our boats may very well appear among these renditions.

If you enjoy viewing art, you'll find galleries all along Front Street. In fact, there are so many, you might not have time to step inside and explore all of them. After all, you'll need to eat sometime! With that in mind, we'll suggest five galleries that we like. Just keep in mind that the others are wonderful too. Art is subjective, after all, so it's all about your personal taste. These are just some good ones to get you started.

Lik Lahaina - This is one of the most popular galleries in Lahaina, partly because of the dazzling photography of the world renowned master, Peter Lik, and partly because of the incredibly friendly and helpful staff. Stepping through their doors is always a pleasant experience. If the beauty of nature dazzles you the most, you're sure to enjoy seeing it through the discerning eyes of Peter Lik.

Wyland Galleries - If you're familiar with Wyland, you'll know that he's all about fantastic depictions of aquascapes. His work is popular among Maui vacationers who have been inspired by their experience of the tropical ocean. Try joining us on a Lanai snorkel tour and then check out his gallery afterwards. You might feel like his work captures the magic of the underwater world. If his paintings aren't your cup of tea, you might still enjoy his sculptures. On a side note, Wyland is a passionate environmental conservationist who lives in Hawaii part-time.

Vladimir Kush Gallery - If you enjoy richly immersive surrealism, Kush is world famous for just that, along with his command of color and light. His work is known for inspiring viewers to think in new ways. Remarkably, this talented artist works from images in his head, which isn't surprising considering the unusual content, but is quite surprising in terms of the detail and realism of his paintings. This gallery is an eye opening experience that's not to be missed.

Daryl Millard Gallery - Looking for a quintessential piece of Maui landscape art? Daryl has become popular for providing just that. His paintings are as comforting as they are beautiful, and feel like windows into Maui. His sunset paintings are especially celebrated, and his masterful use of light really helps bring his images to life. If you want a piece of art to remind you of your time spent on Maui, you won't want to miss this gallery. Also, his staff are every bit as warm as his paintings.

The Village Galleries Maui - This is your stop for an all around interesting art collection from a wide variety of artists. You'll find jewelry, sculptures, prints, blown glass, paintings, and some interesting Hawaiian cultural art, among others. Prices are reasonable, so it's a nice place for a quality souvenir or a gift for a loved one.

We hope that you enjoy exploring these creative gems on Front Street, along with the many others that are worth looking into. Who knows, maybe the trip will inspire you to do some artwork of your own? You could even take pictures for reference material later. For that, you could get some amazing shots from our Maui Sunset Dinner Cruise, if you're interested. Mahalo!

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