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September 11, 2017

Poke on Maui, is like coffee in Seattle, or pizza in Manhattan... it can be found everywhere. From that dingy looking gas station to the highest end restaurants, you don't have to look far to find it. But, where should you go for the best poke on Maui in grocery stores and shops? Of the "Best Of" lists we've written, this one was the hardest to pare down. There's just so much good poke on Maui!

  1. Tamura's (Lahaina, Kihei, Kahului and Wailuku)
    Tamura's first grocery store opened in the 1920's on Oahu. Today, there are three Tamura's Fine Wine and Liquor stores on Maui, and one Tamura's Express in Wailuku. While it may seem odd to get fresh poke from a liquor store, it just goes to show you can get great poke anywhere! The garlic poke, which does nothing good for your breath, is simply fantastic. The shop has won numerous awards, including the 'Aipono, for "Best Poke." All Tamura's poke is served fresh, though they do sometimes offer a few previously frozen varieties at a lesser price. (Tamura's)
  2. Eskimo Candy (Kihei)
    Opened to the public in 2003, this little seafood shop sells great poke. They also serve a full menu of only the freshest seafood and burgers. The chowder is excellent. But back to the poke. You can grab a tub to go, or if you want to eat inside, you can order a poke bowl, featuring one of four types of fresh ahi tuna: shoyu (soy sauce), spicy, wasabi or furikake (a japanese seasoning, typically, comprised of seaweed, sesame seeds, sugar, and salt), served over rice. (Eskimo Candy)
  3. Fish Market Maui (Lahaina)
    One of a handful of places that serves made-to-order poke, Fish Market Maui is a favorite among locals and visitors on the west side. They serve a full menu of some of the freshest seafood you'll find on Maui. How fresh? Don't be surprised to see them walk in right off the boat, with a fish caught that morning and butcher it on the spot. (Fish Market Maui)
  4. Foodland (Various locations)
    Calling themselves "Hawai'i's Home for Poke," Foodland is not exaggerating. Long the go-to place for poke, Foodland makes excellent fresh (and previously frozen) poke, using a variety of seafoods and flavorings. If you're hungry NOW, they will whip you up a delicious poke bowl (poke over rice) on the spot. Foodlands' poke bowls are fast, convenient, and there are many Maui locations to serve you. (Foodland)
  5. Takamiya Market (Wailuku)
    Since 1946, Takamiya Market has been serving up local kine grindz from its small store in Happy Valley, a neighborhood in Wailuku. They are well known amongst locals for having the best pre-cooked meats and vegetables on Maui. Rare is the party that is not catered with food from Takamiya Market. While all of their pokes are delicious, if you've never tried tako (octopus) poke, this is the place to visit. Though it's located on a main road, trying to find Takamiya Market without driving past it is half of the fun of going there. Good luck! (Takamiya Market)
  6. Finally, don't count out Safeway and Costco, if you need quick fix or if you need one more hit of poke on the way to airport. Both serve up good poke.

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