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August 15, 2017

Pie or cake? That's the age old question. Here on Maui, we're blessed with some amazing bakeries. Some do pie, some do cake and some do both. But today, we're focusing solely on pie. Sure these bakeries all have the standard flavors, but when on Maui, aren't you up for trying something different, something made with our unique fruit? We hope so. And we hope you'll try these places.

  1. Leoda's Kitchen and Pie Shop (Lahaina)
    Whether you prefer sweet or savory pies, Leoda's has you covered. On the sweet side, the Macnut Chocolate and the Coconut Cream Pies are our favorites, but honestly, we've yet to try a flavor that wasn't great. The hand held pies are fun to eat and also delicious. Who doesn't like eating with their hands? As for the savory pies, we recommend the Meat 'n Potatoes. With large chunks of braised beef and potatoes and a little heat provided by a creamy horseradish sauce, these are the perfect pot pies. (Leoda's Kitchen and Pie Shop)
  2. Maui Pie (Kihei)
    A relative newcomer to the bakery scene, Maui Pie has quickly become a popular destination amongst locals and tourists. Of course they serve up the standards, Apple, Chocolate Cream, Cherry, etc. But since you're on Maui, you'd be remiss not to try the Lilikoi, Chocolate Haupia Cream Pie or Mango Strawberry. All pies are baked in the shop with heart. Literally. If you look closely, there's a tiny heart on each pie. So cute! (Maui Pie)
  3. Sugar Beach Bake Shop (Kihei)
    Because the shop is rather hidden, tucked away in North Kihei, it's usually not high on the list of places to try. But trust us, it's well worth the excursion. The Lilikoi Key Lime pie, not too sweet and not too tart, might be the best kept secret on Maui. Beyond the pie, though, everything we've tried at this little shop has been outstanding. Pro tip: Grab a spicy Spam musubi with jalapenos for the road. Who knew a slice of jalapeno could lift the humble Spam musubi to a whole new level? (Sugar Beach Bake Shop)
  4. Stillwell's Bakery (Wailuku)
    Since opening in 1994, Stillwell's has established itself as one of the top bakeries on Maui. While probably known more for their cakes, their pies are also top notch. The Macadamia Nut Cream Pie is an island classic and not to be missed. (Stillwell's Bakery)
  5. Kimo's (Lahaina)
    Kimo's isn't a pie shop or bakery. But no list of best pies on Maui would be complete without mentioning their Hula Pie. This frozen pie dessert, made up of macadamia nut ice cream with chocolate fudge, served on a chocolate cookie crumble crust, might be the single best slice of pie on Maui. Head up to the lanai bar and grab a slice at sunset. You won't be disappointed. (Kimo's)

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