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November 2, 2017

On Maui, the best cookies aren't always "bakery fresh." We are blessed with packaged cookies that travel well in the car to Hana, the beach or just about anywhere. For visitors, these cookies are great to take back as gifts for friends and family. Whether you like your cookies crispy, soft, plain or fancy, you can find a cookie that's right for you. Here then are our five favorite packaged cookies, listed alphabetically.

Big Island Delights
Not all that easy to find on Maui, but when you spot them, jump on the Mac nut snowballs. A Hawaiian take on the classic Russian Tea Cookie so popular during the holidays, these little balls of heaven melt in your mouth. It’s almost like they’re daring you to stop at one cookie. You won’t, so don’t even try. Long’s Drugs is typically where we find this brand. Everything Big Island Delights makes is good, but these snowballs are great. (Big Island Delights)

Cook Kwees
The original Maui pre-packaged cookie, Cook Kwees are still one of the best. Found in ABC Stores and most grocery stores, Cook Kwees have always been popular with locals and visitors alike. Everyone has their own favorite flavor, but if pressed, our two favorites are the macadamia nut cookies and the peanut butter. Prior to moving to Maui, our first and last purchases upon visiting Maui were these cookies. We'd munch on them all vacation, then take as many as we could fit in our suitcase for ourselves and as gifts for friends. (Cook Kwees)

Honolulu Cookie Company
The classic "Hawaiian Shortbread" cookie, Honolulu Cookie Company has shops in Wailea and Ka'anapali. These little pre-packaged, pineapple-shaped nuggets of goodness are easy to pack as gifts (our go-to gift when going back to the mainland) and taste great. With a variety of flavor options and coverings, there's a cookie for everyone. The old standby, though, is the chocolate covered shortbread cookie. A perfect size, with the just right amount of chocolate frosting-to-cookie ratio, so as not to overwhelm the taste of the cookie. (Honolulu Cookie Company)

From this entire list, if we were on a deserted island, the one cookie we would take with us is the Peanut Butter Dream by Manjookie. This melt-in-the-mouth, yet somehow crisp cookie is simply incredible. It's easily the best store bought cookie we've ever had. EVER. For something a little different, try the peanut butter Manjookie-style cookie. It's a manju crossed with a cookie, filled with creamy peanut butter. We prefer the peanut butter cookie, but the manjookie is also very good. Not that easy to find, but they have a small retail outlet in Kahului. If the door is locked during business hours just ring the bell and they'll let you in. They are also available at most Tamura's markets. (Manjookie)

Maui Cookie Lady
Business is booming for the Maui Cookie Lady. Recently selected to sell her cookies at the International Marketplace at Saks Fifth Avenue in Waikiki, you can also find Maui Cookie Lady cookies at the Maui Brewery in Kihei and select retail locations. These cookies aren't dainty little things. They are big, chunky and full of flavor. One cookie should fill you up nicely, though you probably won't want to stop at just one. (Maui Cookie Lady)

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