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June 12, 2019


Like in most places in the United States, there's an abundance of Italian food restaurants on Maui. Judging Italian food can be tricky because the restaurants can run the gamut from hole-in-the-wall to the finest of fine dining. The restaurants on our list tend to fall in the moderate to pricey side of the scale. But one thing they all have in common is delicious food. Here are our five favorite Italian restaurants on Maui...

  1. Matteo's Osteria (Wailea)
    For a fun and romantic night, look no further than Matteo's Osteria. Matteo's features one of the top Italian wine lists on Maui, and the food is rich and fantastic. The Risotto Alla Pescatora is loaded with seafood. If you enjoy fresh seafood, we're not sure if there's a better dish in town. Matteo's is also one of the most vegetarian and gluten-free friendly fine dining experiences on Maui. They will basically prepare any dish for you with gluten-free pasta or pizza crust. (Matteo's Osteria)
  2. Sale Pepe (Lahaina)
    While best known for the pizzas that come out of their custom-made stove piping hot, Sale Pepe also offers flavorful pasta dishes. After numerous visits to Maui, the owners of Sale Pepe decided to sell their restaurant in Brooklyn (the male half of the husband/wife duo who own the restaurant is originally from Milan) and make a go of it on Maui. Even though it's one of the best Italian restaurant in Lahaina, the prices are actually quite low for the quality of the meal. The menu changes based on the availability of fresh, Maui-grown ingredients, but we've never been disappointed by a meal at Sale Pepe. (Sale Pepe)
  3. Taverna (Kapalua)
    Opened in 2016, Taverna is already winning culinary awards and devoted followers. Located in the heart Kapalua, with outstanding views and a friendly atmosphere, Taverna's vibe screams "Maui!" If there's one Italian dish we crave, but can't often find (probably due to the raw egg) on Maui, it's carbonara. Taverna's carbonara is perfectly simple. Five ingredients, prepared just right. The vegetarian eggplant parmesan is also a treat. (Taverna)
  4. Fabiani's (Wailea and Kihei)
    With two south side locations, Fabiani's takes the crown for moderately priced Italian food in Kihei and Wailea. While the Kihei location is a bit more casual, the food, albeit with a slightly different menu, is the same at both. One of the best deals in town is their 50% off pizzas during happy hour in the bar. Fabiani's also features a nice, in-house bakery that produces excellent pastries and desserts. As for the meals, the simple spaghetti bolognese is always perfectly prepared, while the osso bucco is a dish you'll come back for again and again. (Fabiani's)
  5. Casanova (Makawao and Kahului)
    What started as a humble deli over 30 years ago is now an Italian food institution up in Makawao. Serving homestyle, moderately priced Italian food. The seafood cioppino, which features a half lobster tail is an incredibly good bargain (on Maui) at $32. Beyond the cioppino, the pastas are all tasty and for an extra $2, you can get them gluten-free, which makes Casanova's an excellent choice for the entire family. We prefer the Makawao location over the Kahului location, but the food is great at both. (Casanova)

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