When you travel to an island locale like Maui, the last thing you think about eating is a hot dog. But not all hot dogs are created equal. One item that separates Maui hot dogs from hot dogs available elsewhere are the local toppings we can offer up. Here are our choices for the best hot dogs on Maui. Woof!

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  1. Cool Cat Cafe (Lahaina)
    They’re known for their burgers, but don’t sleep on the Cool Cat Cafe’s hot dogs. Your first bite of the chili cheese dog sets off a party in your mouth when the spicy, homemade chili meets the sweet Maui onions and cheddar cheese. You’ll be grabbing for the beverage of your choice to cool down, but the flavor of the dog is worth the sizzle. Speaking of beverages, Cool Cat features build your own milkshakes with various ice creams, mix-ins and sauces. With a convenient Front Street location, Cool Cat is a fun hang for children and adults. (Cool Cat Cafe)
  2. Sumo Dogs (Food Truck, primarily in Wailuku)
    Food trucks are sometimes difficult to track down, but this one is worth the hunt. With unique Hawaii sweet bread buns and quarter pound beef hot dogs, these dogs are a meal unto themselves. If you want a nice kick, we recommend the Spicy Onion Dog. For something on the sweeter side, you can’t go wrong with the Mango Dog. Go with a group of friends and try them all! (Sumo Dogs)
  3. LahainaLuna Cafe (Lahaina)
    A fun little food stand with a menu full of big-flavored items. Located off of Front Street, LahainaLuna Cafe may be easy to miss, but we think you should seek it out. The bacon-wrapped Front Street Dog is definitely a can’t-miss hot dog on Maui. The all-natural beef hot dog is smothered in peppers and Maui onions to create a wonderful flavor profile. For an added kick, the pepper jack cheese is optional, but we always get it. LahainaLuna Cafe also offers a smaller hot dog for the kids. (LahainaLuna Cafe)
  4. 808 Deli (Kihei)
    Located on South Kihei Road, across from Kam II beach, 808 Deli has one of the largest assortments of hot dogs on the island. They offer nine different menu options, in addition to allowing you to choose your own toppings. 808 Deli grills up all beef, quarter pound Kosher hot dogs. From the Pizza Dog to the Blue Cheese Crumbles with Buffalo Sauce, there really is something for everyone. (808 Deli)
  5. Oyako Tei (Kahului)
    We feel a little sheepish including Oyako Tei in this list, as their Bobby Sausage is a Portuguese sausage, not a hot dog, but it’s so good, we felt we had to mention it. This thick, meaty sausage is a full-on gut bomb. Served with rice and eggs, it’s really a breakfast dish, but if you have it for lunch, you’ll be just fine. Located in a nondescript strip mall in Kahului, Oyako Tei is only open for breakfast and lunch. (Okayo Tei)

The elephant in the room when it comes to listing hot dogs, of course, is the Costco hot dog. It’s cheap, fast and big. There’s nothing uniquely Maui about them, so they didn’t make the cut. Still, if you’re hankering for a hot dog and happen to be at Costco, we say “go for it.”

Tell us where you like to go for hot dogs on Maui in the comments below…

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